How to Do Call Recording in iPhone, Very Few People Know The Method

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Do you also want to know how to do call recording in iPhone? You have been given complete information on this subject in this article. iPhone is a very popular and advanced smartphone, which is made by Apple company. iPhone has many features and functions, which make it different and better than other phones. But do you know how to do call recording in iPhone?

If not, then you have to read this post completely. We have full hope that by the end of the post you will know very well how you can do call recording in your iPhone. Call Recording means that when you talk to someone on the phone, you record his voice and save it in your phone. Now let us know how you can record calls in iPhone.

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how to Call Recording on iPhone – Methods

Call recording in iPhone is not as easy as you think. iPhone’s default Phone app does not support call recording. Apple has deliberately blocked this feature because doing so could lead to some legal issues due to call recording.

1. Magmo Magnetic Call Recorder

Magmo is actually a call recorder that gets magnetically attached to your smartphone on the back of your phone. This device works primarily with iPhones, but is also available for other phones that use a magnetic ring. Once you attach this Magmo device to your iPhone then you can record the phone call by following the steps given below.

Step 1: First put the Magmo on the back of your phone.

Step 2: To start recording, you simply have to flip the switch up and to stop recording, you have to flip the switch back down.

Step 3: Here all the audio files are automatically saved and a user can easily download them on his laptop.

Once fully charged, the Magmo Magnetic Call Recorder can run for up to 7 hours. It is capable of storing about 32GB of data.

Product NameMagmo Call Recorder (MagSafe iPhone Call Recorder)
Model NumberBUZZ-V7
Product Name32GB
Model Number500 hours
Recording Capacity7 hours on full charge
Battery Usage Time90 minutes
Product Size64mm × 95.8mm × 6.8mm
Product Weight44.2g
Battery3.7V Lithium-polymer 280mAh
Price on₹5,990

2. Voice Memos

Voice Memos is a pre-installed app that comes with every iPhone. This app allows you to record audio clips. You can also use this app for call recording, but for this you will need two devices. This method is a bit complicated, but it is also free. Just follow these steps for this:

  • Start the call you want to record from the Phone app.
  • Tap Audio and then tap Speaker to put the call on speakerphone.
  • Apple doesn’t let you record speakerphone calls with Voice Memos on the same device.
  • Therefore, you will have to get another device with Apple’s Voice Memos app installed. This can be any iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac.
  • Open the Voice Memos app and tap the red record button to start a new voice memo. Keep the second device near the iPhone.

When the call ends, you can share the recording by tapping it, then tapping…, then tapping Share, and then tapping the app you want to share with.

3. Third-Party Call Recording Apps

If you don’t want to record calls with Google Voice or Voice Memos, you can use some third-party call recording apps. You will find many such apps in the App Store, which provide you the service of recording calls. But to use the apps, you may also have to pay some fees or charges. Some popular and reliable call recording apps are mentioned below.

Rev Call Recorder

This app allows you to record unlimited incoming and outgoing calls for free. To use this app, you have to merge it with a third line, which does the recording. You can also listen to your recordings later, edit them, or get them transcribed.

TapeACall Pro

This app allows you to record unlimited incoming and outgoing calls, but for this you have to pay a subscription fee. To use this app, you have to merge it with a third line, which is recording. You can stop, share, or save your recordings to cloud storage.

Call Recorder – IntCall

This app allows you to record outgoing calls, but for this you have to pay per minute charge. To use this app, you have to make calls from the app itself, which does the recording. You can stop your recording, share it, or save it to cloud storage.

Apart from these apps, there are other apps also, which provide the feature of call recording. You can choose any app according to your need and budget.

Rev Call RecorderLink
TapeACall ProLink
Call Recorder – IntCallLink

Benefits of recording calls on iPhone

Now let us know what are the benefits of recording calls in iPhone.

  • If you forget something you can listen to important calls later.
  • You can improve your performance by recording your interviews, meetings, meetings or presentations.
  • You can remember the things you did with your loved ones, and after them I can be happy doing sun.
  • You can keep the proof of call recording to avoid any fraud or scam.

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