DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE TRAILER: Moon Knight, Iron Man, Hulk and Things You Missed

deadpool & Wolverine

Welcome back everyone, Maximum Effort! Marvel just dropped a brand new Deadpool and Wolverine trailer with a bunch of new footage and Easter Eggs.

They’re using the same Madonna Like a prayer track that they did in the last trailer lots of metaphors going on here Deadpool just completely getting his rocks off, hanging out with Wolverine, trying to save his universe. even though it’s kind of hard to chart the timeline of some of the moments in the trailer with him reacting to Deadpool, you can definitely tell Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine just absolutely cannot stand him.

1. Moon Knight

there’s a brand new scene of them standing in front of the ice cream truck from Moon Knight, which has been hot rod had mad Max style by all these X-Men characters, but for some reason it doesn’t appear in the trailer, they just use it as the thumbnail for the official trailer. I’m not expecting Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight to show up during this, but there’s always a chance there could be references to his version of apocalypse. If you remember, Oscar Isaac did play a version of apocalypse.

who we also just saw during X-Men 97, like three different versions of apocalypse just showed up. So this a whole bunch of apocalypse related stuff going on right now. they started the trailer with that slow motion action scene, which Deadpool later calls out, sort of breaking the fourth wall like, this is what I’m talking about. Slow motion action sequences, as they do their big walk out. some of the most notable things going on during this are the fact that Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine has his sleeves ripped off. So he, he looks more like the comic book version, even though this costume isn’t exactly like other comic book versions, like it’s a slight twist on the yellow and blue version.

2. Wolverine’s Many Suits

There were a couple different versions of the suit that he wore during X-Men 97, the animated Wolverine. That was a little bit more comic book accurate because he had the shoulder pads. A lot of people ask him about that here. Like, why does he have the shoulder pads in this scene? my assumption is at some point during one of their fights before this, they just get ripped off in the fight. you can also see all kinds of bullet holes and rips all over the bottom of his costume. So it looks like he’s had his fight with Deadpool at this point. zoom in, enhancing the background to when Wolverine walks out and it says Copperheads in the background.

Copperhead is actually a character from The Serpents Society that was supposed to, or at least before they changed. Captain America four was supposed to appear with the Serpent Society in that movie. But I’m not expecting a whole bunch of crossover between that movie in this movie, just because that movie’s meant to be sort of a Winter soldier style thriller, like a political thriller and this movie’s more of a full blown multiverse story connected to Avengers Secret Wars. totally could not be more different as Deadpool walks out, you notice that he has completely different guns.

These are golden guns that I think belong to another Deadpool variant that we actually got footage for earlier this year. like a much more handsome version of Deadpool that had way better armor, had a way better looking face that didn’t have scars on it from the cancer. I think the idea is that he was meant to come from the Deadpool core, because they are doing a version of the Deadpool core from the comics, and at some point, that version of Deadpool just gives his guns to this Deadpool. the other guns that the TVA gave him at the beginning of the movie, have that smile for flash message on the front of them, because they make a flash when you shoot them.

the other really noticeable thing in the background here is that they’re in the middle of what looks like a town with a bunch of shops, and it’s not clear if they’re on Wolverine’s world or if they’re on the void. And this is just part of a place that got pruned does seem like they do spend a little while on Wolverine’s world.

3. Rob Liefeld

At some point, we get that Rob Liefeld just for Feet Shop. but it’s a big joke about Rob light, though, from the comics in the fact that he’s never been really great at actually drawing feet. That’s been such a joke in the fandom since way, way back in the day. it’s not necessarily a Deadpool specific joke, like it’s all types of feet in all comics he’s ever drawn. they even made a big joke about it during Deadpool two. Rob Liefeld himself, though, actually said that he was on set the day they were filming this scene.

Okay, the joke. Like he was totally fine with them clowning on him. Deadpool turns to camera, breaks the fourth wall, telling some more sex jokes about Wolverine as they start their fight in the middle of the 20th Century Fox logo. Here, this broken into a couple of different pieces.

4. Once Upon A Fox Marvel

We’ll see if they actually explain how that particular thing got pruned, like what happened at that 20th Century Fox in the context of the story, even though it’s a bit of a fourth wall break itself in clowning on the fact that 20th Century Fox used to do all the X-Men movies, which Deadpool comes from all these other cameos that are coming back from a lot of those movies, including Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. when they do the Let’s Go montage with a couple different scenes cut together, it looks like they’re inside of someone’s leg, like a cave where someone who just collected a bunch of stuff that’s also been pruned on the void, this giant skull actually seems like it’s Hulk’s bed from Thor Ragnarok, though.

Or a version that got pruned in some alternate universe. It’s not in this trailer, but they actually have the Pingo Doge soda from the Incredible Hulk movie. So maybe we’ll have some version of Hulk at some point cameo in would be absolutely crazy if it was the Edward Norton version. maybe maybe outside chance they have the Eric Bana version of Hulk do a cameo that would actually make more sense, just based on the deep cuts that they’re going for in this movie. We get that scene of Deadpool killing the TVA agents.

5. Deadpool Vs The TVA

Not totally clear why he’s fighting them, but one of my early theories about this is that he’s actually going against the TVA, like Deadpool versus the TVA, because they actually try to stop him from saving his universe. not totally clear, but it just seems like the paradox agent might wind up being one of the secret villains of the movie and sets the TVA to actually stop him, so all the hunters go for him in.

Deadpool tries to start fighting them. But I did a video a little while ago about how the Cassandra Nova villain might actually be a bit of a misdirect, the way the extra CinemaCon footage, which was like the first nine minutes of the movie played out, made it seem like the paradox agent was just trying to get Deadpool to do what he wanted him to do, without giving him all the necessary information. there’s so many theories about him secretly being some other huge character. I really think he’s still meant to be Agent Paradox and just super shady.

6. Adamantium olden Girls

We get that same suit up montage with Deadpool getting his adamantium sword. It’s still being Arthur. It just adamantium versions of his saws, part of the idea with that, I think, is just to arm him up so that when he fights Wolverine, Wolverine doesn’t slice his swords up really, really quickly with his adamantium claws like he has to give him something that will also enable him to fight someone who also has adamantium. we get a new shot of dog pool running through a field.

It looks like a slow motion action scene. Another joke on Deadpool’s comment of slow motion action scenes. But if you’re not familiar with the Deadpool core, Dog Pool is a character from the comics who is part of the Deadpool core and his origin story is meant to be a parody of Deadpool’s original origin story on his own real life though, the dog that plays dog pool in the movie was voted Britain’s ugliest dog recently, so it’s meant to be like the ugliest dog you’ve ever seen. But in the context of the film, Deadpool himself is supposed to fall in love with it. The minute that he sees it.

there, a couple of Easter eggs for things that got pruned in the background to like, obviously have the 20th Century Fox logo, but over on the right here in the background, you actually see what looks like the wreckage of a tall ship that’s been pruned. we get that big scene of a lion coming to consume everything around the dead Ant-Man. But part of the joke here, obviously, that it is a dead Ant-Man in giant man form. Not really sure how he died. Maybe it’s the version of Ant-Man that died during Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania.

Like he came to the void, got pruned for some reason, and just happened to die after he came to the void. but it’s his entire body just lying down like we’ve been seeing his head this whole time. But in this scene, you can see it’s his entire body. there was a longer joke during one of the previous trailers they’ve released where he makes a joke about Paul Rudd finally aging because it’s his skull, like his body’s been there long enough to decay so that it’s just his skeleton inside the suit. Paul Rudd finally aged. We get another new scene of them arguing with each other. Notice that Wolverine has both of his sleeves when they’re talking to Cassandra Nova’s X-Men band. Fantastic four characters. They have their masks on, so it’s kind of hard to tell who’s underneath the mask, though.

7. Maximum Cameos

but there were a couple people in this line up here the people did not recognize immediately. I already talked about Lady Death strike in Azazel from the X-Men First Class movie toad pyro. All of them are being played by the original actors. Like they just came back to play their characters again. this person here is Call is to from X-Men three Last Stand. There’s some other references to X-Men Last Stand during the movie. Two. the other villain over here on the right in the stripe shirt, is actually meant to be a variant of the Russian from the Thomas Jane Punisher movie, which was actually released by Lionsgate, not by Fox.

so there will be some other cameos and Easter eggs for other non fox non MCU Marvel movies. zooming in hands on this particular scene of the front of Red school’s car. notice it. At some point, a version of Tony Stark from another universe swapped the Red school’s Hydra hood ornament for one of his own Iron Man hood ornaments and repainted in modified the car, turning it into more of a hot rod that looks similar to the hot rod he was working on during the events of the first Iron Man movie. here’s the thing with this all the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Fox Marvel characters here have just been collecting junk that gets pruned by the TVA and sent to the void all over the place.

Just repurposing this Iron Man themed red school car got pruned at some point from another universe and then sent to the void looking like this. it’s not like the X-Men did a repaint to make it look exactly like Tony Stark’s hot rod during the first Iron Man movie, and it put Iron Man’s hood ornament on it. Tony Stark did this in another universe, then it got pruned.

8. The Evil Iron Man

So this means in the universe that this Iron Man car came from there, implying that this version of Tony Stark bought Red school’s car at some point or acquired it at some point, and then just hot rotted it out like he tinkers with all of his collectors cars and regular super cars. Everybody’s still wondering where they jump through in this portal here, but I don’t think that is actually to the final battle in Avengers Endgame.

MCU Movie Jokes

But there have been a lot of memes about that. Like maybe they’re jumping to Avengers Endgame because they are supposed to revisit a lot of moments from the previous Marvel movies during even though in this moment I think they’re just teleporting to somewhere else on the void because it doesn’t take them across universes, the Doctor Strange portals typically just take you across the same world. I do think in some other part of the movie, they will reference the final battle from Avengers Endgame in some jokey kind of way.

Even though they make the big sex joke here with Wolverine getting all pissed off at him, he really does have a knife of his that’s stuck in Wolverine that he is pulling out. Like you can hear the knife being pulled out of his body. there’s so many Easter eggs and references they pack into this. Is there any that you spotted that I didn’t talk about in this video or my previous trailer videos? Just write them below in the comments And what I’ll do is I’ll just keep the giveaway going. Week to week and just name giveaway winners in every couple of videos until the movie actually does come out. Thankfully, thankfully, we don’t have too long to wait and June itself is going to be stacked with really big episodes of series, and I’ll be doing videos for.

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