Deadpool & Wolverine Trailer: Wolverine vs Sabretooth, X-Men Easter Eggs & Things You Missed

Deadpool & Wolverine Trailer

Welcome back everyone, it’s Charlie. Marvel released a brand new Deadpool and Wolverine Trailer There’s a bunch going on. We saw Sabretooth, finally. But not just any version of Sabretooth, the original Tyler Mane version of Sabre tooth from the X-Men 2000 movie. There’s a bunch of fourth wall breaks, a bunch more Easter eggs in the background.

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1. Deadpool’s Fighting Tips

love the way how Deadpool breaks the fourth wall saying, people have been waiting for this fight for forever. Now make sure you do it right and basically gives him advice for fighting saber Tooth. that almost makes it sound like he’s giving advice for someone that’s about to have a sex scene, like, wait a minute. What? What are you telling him to do here? Ground and pound. Do what? very much in the tone of something that Deadpool would do when he’s trying to explain how to fight someone.

I know there are a lot of people also asking if leave. Schreiber’s version of Sabretooth is also going to have a cameo scene in the movie, like multiple versions of Sabretooth, because there was a bit of a funny crossover scene in real life during the pandemic where they all did a video chat together. Jokey clowning on Wolverine Origins. that fell apart quickly. Ooh. It’s just you and me, Logan. I guess you know. You know what? Yeah, I do believe that Leave Schreiber is supposed to have some kind of cameo scene, but I don’t know exactly what he’s supposed to be doing during the movie. for the most part, they just want to hype up this Tyler main version of Sabretooth Original Sabretooth.

2. RIP X-Man Timeline

But starting at the beginning of the Trailer footage, they play some of the footage we’ve seen before where Deadpool is trying to appeal to Wolverine. Bring him around. Basically tell him that his world is going to be destroyed if he doesn’t help him out There have been a lot of theories about why this is the case. Like, is the TVA threatening to prune Deadpool’s reality because he is technically alike he caused the Nexus event with cable’s time travel device messing with all the different timelines.

I think that’s the reason why shatter Star is alive again. Because during the events of Deadpool two, pretty much all the X-Force team, for the most part, not everybody, but most everybody I think Deadpool made all those changes with cable’s time travel device, and it brought him back and changed some other things in his reality too. But technically, his reality that he comes from at the beginning of the movie is meant to be that main X-Men movie timeline, like he’s meant to be canon to the X-Men universe. this were the plays into the meta aspect of the movie, but then clowning on Kevin Feige and Disney, Marvel Studios just in general, for recasting all of the X-Men the new X-Men reboot movie that they’re going to be doing in the MCU. Eventually.

thus rendering all the classic X-Men movies completely irrelevant, pruning that quote unquotep runing them like the TVA would prune stuff during the Loki series, sending it to the void. Thus we get that 20th Century Fox logo that got pruned. Bit of a joke on Disney buying Fox, rendering it kind of inert, even though technically Fox still does release movies inside Disney. It’s just like a fraction of its former self. Now. We get that same scene of a life coming to Ant Man’s body on the void. It’s Ant-Man. Entire dead body. Not clear when he died. Like maybe during the events of Ant-Man The Wasp Quantumania. there was a timeline out there where Ant-Man died in giant man form. Or maybe he died in giant man form during Ant-Man and the wasp there, like a couple times we’ve seen him go into giant man form like this.

3. Cassandra Nova and Alioth

I’ve already explained all my theories about what’s going on with the Elias character and how I think Cassandra Nova is using her powers of telepathy like one of her many abilities during the movie, because she’s acquired all these very powerful artifacts that have been pruned and sent to the void. she’s meant to have the exact same powers as Professor Excuse, meant to be his twin canonically inside the comics In the context of the movie, they might explain that she was just born his twin in one timeline in the TVA. That was going to be a Nexus event, so they pruned her for that reason. but I do like the theory that she is controlling a life, using her powers of telepathy. Like, that’s one of Elias weaknesses, because Loki and Sylvie were also able to temporarily control, even though a it is meant to be powerful enough to consume entire realities, entire timelines, it does have weaknesses.

We get that same scene of Deadpool with everybody explaining all of his friends to Wolverine with the scene of him early in the movie. This is taking place earlier in the movie during the birthday party that they throw for him. when the movie picks up, Peter and everyone else are throwing a surprise party for him. That’s what the cake is for.

4. Deadpool’s New Day Job

this is actually a brand new picture of them at the used car dealership where Deadpool is working at the beginning of the film to. with in the context of the movie. They explain. It’s been a couple of years since the events of Deadpool two. Like it has also been a couple years in real life since the last Deadpool movie. he’s having a midlife crisis. He’s quit being a superhero because he feels like he’s not needed anymore. that’s also meant to be a meta joke about Disney buying Fox, Marvel doing new versions of all the X-Men characters, rendering the Fox Marvel characters inert and technically, who’s starting in the movie as a Fox Marvel so of saying, well, Disney is going to recast all these actors. Kevin Feige is going to recast all these characters. So they don’t need me to be a superhero anymore. So he has to get a day job at this car dealership with Peter to pay the bills. They released the first nine minutes of the movie back at CinemaCon earlier this year, where basically you see him at that car dealership just doing all kinds of Deadpool style jokes, just breaking the fourth wall and saying all the things that you’re not supposed to say in movies.

We get that same scene of them getting ready to fight in front of the 20th Century Fox logo, then the separate scene of him around the campfire looking scene with him saying he’s no hero. there’s been a lot of theories about what’s going on in this scene with Wolverine. I think this is Cassandra Nova messing with his mind, making him relive some of his traumatic memories. So this isn’t actually happening in the context of the movie. It’s just happening inside his head. a lot of people wondering what all these graves are for. I think these are still meant to be for all the dead X-Men from his team, the people from his world that he failed, quote unquote, there’s the same funny scene of him popping his claws after they’ve been captured by Cassandra Nova’s evil band of X-Men variants it seems like he cuts out the tip of his dick. But it’s okay because Deadpool regenerates. Really fast.

5. Wolverine vs Sabertooth

Then we get that cool Wolverine versus saber tooth fight. This is after they roll up the first time in the movie like they’re in the middle of fighting in front of the 20th Century Fox logo. It seems like their fight is interrupted when Cassandra Nova’s X-Men roll up to capture them. there’s this big standoff scene. Then Deadpool basically pauses the movie like, I love the way he breaks the fourth wall to pause the movie. That’s a sign that a character is meant to be ultra powerful. If they can actually pause the events of the film. We always talk about who the most powerful Marvel characters are like.

There’s the in-universe example, like within the context of the story, like the Celestials, for example, super powerful cosmic beings, or like the gods in the Marvel Universe, very powerful beings. But if you really think about it, the characters who are meant to be the most powerful are the ones who have the ability to affect the actual movie itself, which are people who could break the fourth wall like in this scene, you see Tyler Mane’s version of Wolverine jump Down. It is meant to be Tyler Mane, who came back to play his character briefly. Now I won’t get into too many spoilers here Because I did a video earlier this year when they were filming. We actually saw the rest of the footage from this fight, so we actually know how this fight goes down.

I’ll post a link to that at the end of this so you can watch that entire Wolverine versus Sabretooth fight. If you want to see how that goes down. but there’s a ton of Easter eggs going on in the background here, too, like you have the wreckage of the 20th Century Fox logo. That’s funny enough by itself. but also you have the Moon Knight cupcake truck. Still wondering what the Nexus event was. The got that thing pruned and sent to the void. we get a better look at that submarine looking ship in the background, like there’s a wreckage of what looks kind of like a submarine.

To the far left. You also have red skulls. Car. From the first Captain America movie that’s been hot, rotted to me to look like iron Man’s hot rod car from the first Iron Man film. It’s even got an Iron Man hood ornament on it. Meaning that it was Iron Man’s car from a reality, like it got pruned because Iron Man did something with red skulls car. So a lot of theories about what that was like an evil version of Iron Man, or just one that went way off the books and created the next event. zoom and enhance. You can also see that pyro or one of Pyro’s variants is also sitting on the car because he’s driving it.

not clear who’s on the far right here with the hood in the mask on this next to Sabretooth, though. the vehicle that they’re riding on is like a communications truck that they made out of one of Red Skull’s tanks from the first Captain America movie as well. There’s a lot of stuff from the first Captain America movie here, like the motorcycles that they’re using to pull that tank.

Canada Easter Eggs

behind moon Knight’s cupcake truck. You see the Toronto Needle in a much bigger frame now, too. Like, it’s much more clear. Ryan Reynolds himself is from Toronto, so there’s always a lot of Canada Easter eggs in all of his movies. Also, Wolverine is a Canadian character, so expect a lot of Canada Easter eggs during the movie just in general. Also notice that Wolverine has Deadpool’s Adam and Tim’s swords sticking out of him before the fight. Like it’s no big deal.

Like he just standing there not even talking about it, which Deadpool then pulls out of him when he pauses the movie like, wait a second, you look ridiculous, and pulls his swords out so that he can get ready for the fight. When Saber Tooth says ready to die, they also play that same music that they used to play it. Old school basketball matches too, like they’re playing music for their fight to hype everyone up. I’m assuming they’re using that music just for this Trailer. And it’s not diegetic like we don’t actually hear that same song when this scene is happening in the actual movie itself. But his dialog ready to die is also similar to what he said to Wolverine during the events of that first X-Men 2000 movie, when they fight each other.

“People Have Waited Decades…”

that joke about people waiting decades to see this fight is also back to that first X-Men 2000 movie, because that’s how long it’s been since we’ve seen Tyler Maines version of Sabretooth, Because even during that movie, we didn’t see that much of a fight between the two of them at the time. when we got the X2 movie. Tyler Main didn’t come back for that. So like, we never actually got that fight.

6. Deadpool’s Full Fight Tips

Deadpool’s actual advice in here is baby knife. Shoot the devil. You taken down side control. then full. Mount in your ground in pound until he makes no sound. Because he’s dead. This is meant to be a taste of some of the matchups that they have during the movie. There are a couple other scenes they released online too, like, this is a better scene of Cassandra Nova. you get a much better look at the actual costume she’s wearing during the movie. It’s meant to be. Based on her comic book suit from the EA’s for extinction storyline. When she debuted in the comics, she was created by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, who is also just referenced in James Gunn’s Superman movie to the Quitely Easter egg. Here is for the Superman comics that he worked on in the past grant Morrison himself also worked on those Superman comics.

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