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House Of The Dragon

Welcome back everyone, it’s Charlie, House of the Dragon Season 2 Episodes are starting this week. They’re introducing a ton of new characters and dragons from the Lord. Some are way bigger in the story, metaphorically and literally, because, for instance, a vermouth, or literally the largest dragon after Vhagar. Even though we saw him during Season one. some of the new people fairly infamous, like blood and cheese or house reyne. Most people remember them from the Red wedding in the rains of castamere Song, which was written in remembrance of the fall of House reyne at the hands of Tywin Lannister.

they’re way more lesser characters that they have coming to season 2. Like there are many, many new characters, but these are meant to just be the really, really big ones. They’re five totally new dragons that they’re introducing that we didn’t see during season one. Now they’re way more that they could introduce in future seasons. They’re just five brand new ones on top of the ones that they’re bringing back from season one.

1. New Dragons

Vermouth or like I said, we saw during season one, so I don’t consider him a new one, but he is meant to be the oldest and biggest after Vhagar, because dragons get bigger as they get older. So thus he’s the second biggest because he’s the second oldest. what they’ve also done for the dragons. You could probably tell in the last couple of trailers is a tune, the special effects, the visual effects. So the dragons, each look a little more distinct because there’s still a lot of casual viewers out there that probably won’t be able to tell a lot of them apart.

vermouth, or for instance, now has a big bushy grandpa beard around his head. But it’s made of spikes, like there’s spikes growing out of his head. He died just a couple years after the great Council that we saw at the beginning of season one. That little prequel scene. the actual new dragons are Silver wing, Queen, Alysanne’s dragon. She was King Jaehaerys wife, who died shortly before him. Like right before that great council.

That’s why you didn’t see her during the Great council scene, because she’d already passed away. both the silver wing and vermouth have been roosting at the dragon on Dragonstone ever since both of them died. Ships dealer is supposed to be introduced, but I think they’re changing the plot from the books. And it might be Rayna Daemon’s other daughter who winds up claiming her, not nettles. I think the show is just passing over a nettles plot and giving a lot of that to both Bayley and Rayna.

Because also another new Dragon Moon dancer who’s Baela’s dragon we see during the traders chasing Criston Cole back into the tree line during the battle at Rook’s Rest. I think the show’s just making the girls more active in the story than they were in the books. They didn’t do a whole lot during the actual Dance of Dragons. the other three new dragons are T-Rex’s. Prince Joffrey’s dragon is still too young to be ridden. Also, Joffrey is still way too young to actually do anything, so he’s just chilling out of Dragonstone same thing with Storm Cloud. Aegon the Third’s dragon who’s been hatched but who’s even younger than Joffrey and his dragon tracks, so they’re not doing any actual fighting either.

2. House Of The Dragon

then, we obviously have very big characters, very important blood and cheese. Blood was a former commander in the city. Watch the gold cloaks under daemon. He was kicked out for brutality against the small folk. He basically beat a woman to death at a brothel, so they kicked him out of the gold cloaks. This was after daemon had also left to. so as you would expect. He is also loyal to daemon and also bitter at the greens for kicking him out of the city.

Watch. Cheese is a rat catcher working inside the Red keep, so he’s learned all the secret passageways Daemon knows them to. But because he’s already inside the Red keep, He works with blood. And they get up to some really, really nasty stuff during Episode one. They’re they’re very, very big characters during Episode one. So no spoilers about what they’re doing, but it’s all out there in the book, so you can go read about them right now.

3. Daeron Targaryen

everybody’s been asking about Darren Targaryen, Alicent’s fourth child with Viserys. They cut him from season one because he’d already been born before the events of Episode six. Pick up with that huge time jump, the showrunners made it seem like he will also not be in season 2,mostly because he’s supposed to have been sent to Old Town a long time ago, the seat of the Hightowers, and since that big time jump during season one has essentially been in the Westeros version, a boarding school in Old Town.

because the show seems like it’s not going to be going to Old Town during season 2.Thus no. Darren probably. But he could come back during season three or season four. He’s alive and active at this point. it’s just that all of his stuff is going down in a part of Westeros that they’re not really dealing with. During season 2.

4. Winter Is Coming

Next big is probably Cregan Stark, because it means the return of House stark into the story in a bigger way. now they did feature House stark during season one. Craig N’s father, Riggins Stark had a cameo scene when they were swearing their allegiance to Rhaenyra when she became the next heir officially in front of the realm. but all the many, many important things that happened to Craig in happened during the time jump between Episode five and Episode six. The show just completely skipped over. I’ll do a completely separate, much longer video about him in his significance to the story next week, after we actually see him for the first time. House stark.

Naturally, some of the biggest characters through out A Song of Ice and fire across the timeline during many different parts. Like, a lot of the stuff is just happening up in the North during this period. So a lot of people naturally curious about what’s going on with them right now. he becomes a big ally to Rhaenyra. And they’re obviously a lot, a lot of references to the original Game of Thrones series, a lot of Easter Eggs that they bake in. for instance, you see him walking around on the wall with Jacaerys while he’s wearing ice, which is still in one piece. because Tywin Lannister won’t melted down into 2 different Valyrian swords until the events at the main show after the death of Ned Stark, R.I.P.

5. The Dragonseeds

All the Dragon seeds are probably the next most important brand new characters. The Dragon seeds or all the Targaryen or Valyrian bastards who they find who have enough Valyrian blood in their veins, making them capable of bonding with riderless dragons. Now, the show is also changed the Dragon seeds plot from the books to this seems like who all of them will be on the show. Sitting with Rhaenyra. Notice the daemon is also not here, because it seems like they introduced the Dragon seeds after he’s taken off for Harrenhal, because there’s this big rift between Daemon and Rhaenyra during Season 2.

Sitting closest to her, you have Jacaerys, naturally, because he’s her son. He’s her heir, his dragon, his ver. Max Bella in Moon Dancer, remember who’s betrothed to him. So technically, they’re supposed to be getting married. like I said, they’re probably giving a lot of Nettles plot to her because Nettles was one of the Dragonseeds in the books. you hammer in vermouth for all for white, who rides Silverwing, and AddamHall, one of careless, hilarious bastards Who winds up writing Seasmoke.I think we’re going to see most.

there’s Jane Aaron, who’s a big character from the books currently ruling over House Aaron in the Vale. She’s sympathetic to Rhaenyra for a number of reasons. We’ll get into that when they actually introduce her in the Episodes. all the houses of the North, just in general tend to favor Rhaenyra, but you really only need the support of House stark and Houseer, like the 2 really big powers in the north, and everybody else will follow with them.

6. Alyn Hull

Then we have Alan whole, one of his other bastards who seems like he becomes one of his commanders of his fleet, but not a dragon rider. a lot of people confused about this too. Like how can bastards of careless Valyrian become dragon riders if it wasn’t clear. Wound up happening, though, is that after the Targaryens came to Westeros, they started intermarrying with the Velaryons because they were both from ancient Valyria.

so a lot of descendants within the Valyrian family line wind up getting some of that Targaryen Valyrian dragon rider blood for instance, Corlys Velaryon could technically bond with the dragon, but he’s chosen never to do that. But that’s why his son can also because he married into the Targaryen family. His wife. Rhaenys rides Meleys. So naturally, even if he couldn’t write a dragon, their son would have been able to ride a dragon and eat road sea smoke.

7. The Witch Of Harrenhal

There’s Alys Rivers, who’s known as the Witch of Harrenhal in the lore. We’ll see if they go there on the show. Based on the plot,it’s kind of hard to tell if they actually make it there by the events of the end of Season 2. That might not be to like a future Season she spends most of her time at Heron Hall. So we’ll meet her character when daemon goes to Heron Hall to try and take the castle. Aemond does look like he visits a brothel at some time during the Season. This probably is not her next to him in bed, though.

This probably just a random girl. we finally have an actor, Freddie Fox, playing Gawine Hightower. He’s Allison’s brother. We did see him under his armor during Season one. Daemon kicked the crap out of him during the tournament in Episode one, just to humiliate Otto Hightower. the way they describe his character is these kind of like a posh boarding school kind of kid who thinks he’s really hot stuff. But then, like a lot of the other characters, the other younger characters during this part of the timeline, when they’re faced with actual war, actual fighting, they kind of buckle under the pressure like, oh, wait a minute, it’s real now.

Crap Be prepared for him to get his ass handed to him a bunch more times big character from Essos Sharako Lohar is meant to be the new leader of the triarcy’s forces. The Greens try to ally with them, giving them some support along the eastern seaboard of Westeros, which is currently controlled and blockaded by the blacks, and calling this fleet. another big house that we saw a lot during the original main series. The Tully’s are back in the story because Rhaenyra is trying to gain their support. Oscar Tully is listed in the cast, but not Grover Tully.

So I don’t know if we’ll see Grover. The big joke here, obviously, is that George R.R. Martin named some Tully’s after Sesame Street characters Grover Tully is the current head of House Tully during the dance of the Dragons. Here, he’s the grandfather of Oscar Tully, who eventually does become the new Lord.

8. The Rains Of Castamere

Like I mentioned earlier, very notable infamous house house rayne reintroduced into the story, at least through Martin Reyne .Here we probably see a couple other members of House Reyne in the background to looks like he’s serving as one of Aegon’s announcers here as he enters the Iron Throne room. Martin Reyne isn’t an actual character from the books, but House Rayne was active during this period. It’s long before the fall of their house. Now remember. They’re Bannerman to House Lannister. They’re from the Western lands. The Lannisters sit on the Green Council.

So pretty much everybody in the Western lands supports the Greens. Does house rain support the Greens? the actual fall of house rain when the rains of Casimir eventually became a song didn’t happen until the time of the major like preceding the events of the main show, Tywin Lannister was the person responsible because they rebelled against him.most people remember their house because of the Rains of Casimir song during the actual Red wedding.

What used to happen is that after the fall of House rain, Tywin Lannister would often have the rains of castamere Song played as a form of intimidation, because any time he played, everybody would instantly remember what he did to house rain. but during the events of the dance of the Dragons here were like a long, long ways out from that happening.

9. Recast Child Actors

A lot of the very, very young children characters got recast because not much time has gone by since the end of Season one. And kids in real life grow super quickly for instance, Helena’s children jarrus in Jara because so much time has gone by. We saw them during Season one, but they’re basically the same age that we saw during Season one. There’s so much going on during Season 2. And because there aren’t going to do any kind of big time jumps during the middle of the Season, you get to spend way more time with all the characters.

so for instance one of the most interesting characters Helena, because it seems like she has dragon dreams and is telling everybody what’s going to happen eventually, even though they don’t totally understand what she’s saying. we wind up spending a lot more time with her during Season 2.So don’t be surprised if she drops a couple more prophecies of things that will come to pass. Some of the prophecies in the dragon dreams that she was talking about during Season one are things that they’ll pay off during Season 2, particularly for Aegon’s character like I said.

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