Invincible Season 3 Teaser 2025: Invincible War and TOP WTF Easter Eggs Breakdown

Invincible Season 3

Welcome back everyone It’s Charlie This will be my Invincible Season 3 article There’s a bunch of Teasers and previews for the upcoming episodes. We got a bunch of stuff from the comics they’re adapting. Really WTF moment. And based on what Robert Kirkman said, we’re not going to have to wait nearly as long as we did between Season one and Season two. and it seems like we’re not going to get that weird break in the middle of the Season that everybody hated during Season two. Like they’re not going to do that again. Thankfully. Robert Kirkman made it sound like they could go forever.

Like they’ll continue past what the original material was in the comics because they are stretching stuff out, rearranging a couple of things. When things happen. but based on all the previews that were released, it sounds like we have a pretty good idea of what the progression Season to Season will be between Season 3 and Season 4.Season 5 at least.

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10. The Invincible War

The Invincible War looks like it’s going to be the bulk of Season 3.based on all the previous, it seems like it’s going to end by episode eight. Like it’ll be eight episodes in Season 3, eight episodes in Season 4.However long the show winds up going. we start on a preview of the evil cape wearing Invincible from an alternate universe. We got a preview of him during Season two, when they were flashing to alternate worlds to show Angstrom Libby’s memories from other versions of himself across the multiverse.

Remember, he grown confused because of the accident, so he couldn’t tell his own memories from other Angstrom Libby’s part of the major conceit that he revealed in episode one was that this main version of Mark is the only version in the entire multiverse who winds up being good. Every other version from every other universe that he’s seen at least wind up siding with his father and taking over the planet, becoming evil. this one with the cape was the one who killed both him in a version of his son from the comics in that world. He does have a son. In the comics, the son has the exact same powers as Angstrom Libby. This is the one.

Right next to him is another version of him from another world, where he wears a more tactical, militaristic suit. But the idea, like I said, is that he’s also evil. the invisible War itself is essentially many different versions of Invincible from across the multiverse, who Angstrom Libby pulls together to fight the main Invincible and kill him. It’s meant to be a big callback to that first episode of Season two, the way he used the mufflers from across the multiverse the same way to try and stop him. But at that time, he wasn’t trying to kill him because he hadn’t been driven insane by the accident. Yeah, he just wanted to slow him down so he could finish his experiment.

Zoom, Enhance…

here’s the other thing to zoom in, enhance in the background. This fight looks like it’s going down in Tokyo, Japan. just because of their powers. It seems like their war will take place over all different cities in the world. Like the wind up having this collateral damage all over the planet.

9. Angstrom levy

follow up to that Angstrom levy clearly survives and is able to come back and seek revenge on Mark for the events of the Season two finale, When he thought that he beat him to a pile of mush. It’s a real double whammy. WTF? Because this was the moment that broke Mark. He almost went totally insane until the Guardians of the globe from the future found him and sent him back. Like you wouldn’t like what you turned into. You’d survive, but it would not be pretty.

this is also the moment that convinced him to quit college, go full time superhero so that he could train to learn to control his powers. So would you ever did that? Anyone else get like he didn’t want to lose control of himself because he was starting to sense how powerful he could become.

8. Horror Returns

This is kind of a funny WTF moment. It looks like horror returns in, is able to break out of his tomb at some point, and they’re just continuing the gag that they had during Season one and Season two with his character. this was the big Chloe Bennet and Ella Purnell cameo scene from Season two. The joke was that Chloe Bennet, who most people remember is quake from agents of Shield, played a random superhero on the show. They never gave her character an alias like she’s not from the comics, and she’s like a totally new character they created for this gag.

she and Ella Purnell, who most people remember from the fallout TV show, also on Amazon. It was a total banger. If you haven’t seen it, it’s amazing. I’ve done a couple articles for it, so I’ll link them at the end of this in down the description below. they were looking for her father, the archeologist who unwittingly disturbed cause tomb in Season one. but the whole joke of his curse is that he could only escape the tomb if he had a male body to inhabit. And they were two women, so he was still ultimately stuck inside that tomb.

Since it looks like he makes it outside of his tomb at some point. The joke during Season 3 might be that the Invincible war winds up causing collateral damage that breaks the tomb here, so he finds a way to escape somehow. But then their fight, like if we’re talking about the gag just continuing the collateral damage from the Invincible war fight like all these different versions of Invincible fighting each other also wind up getting him trapped. again, like he briefly escapes, but then gets trapped again. That’s the whole joke. Each Season.

7. Omni-Man

A couple more versions of Invincible from other universes. This is a vulture made version of Mark. It looks like their fight destroys a large portion of Chicago. again, they made a huge deal about that during Season two with the reconstruction efforts after Season one when he was fighting Omni-Man. And that wasn’t even that big of a fight. You have to imagine a bunch, a bunch of versions of Mark showing up and fighting each other all across the world, doing this to a bunch of cities. notice this version of Mark is wearing a white ville Trimet military uniform like their standard uniform, meaning that on his world, presumably he already joined Omni-Man.

They took over their world. It became a colony for philtrum, and he formally joined the military, which is what would happen in the main universe if things went down the way that Omni-Man had planned, then to go down. Originally. The new plan that Thragg the regent of their people created is that people would go around creating half breeds, take over the planet with the half breed, set them up as sort of the ruler of that planet, and it would just become another colony for philtrum. taking over the galaxy the long way around.

But because their life spans were so long, it didn’t matter that they were taking longer to do this, But the idea is that the half breed child that would be created on each different planet would eventually just become part of the regular philtrum military. This other version of Mark is just a mohawk version that seems like it also extends to New York City. Fight.

6. Season 3

These all just looked like random college students from Mark’s former college where Amber still going? It seems like the war extends to the college itself. Maybe Mark tries to save Amber and they just follow him. There. So even though they broke up at the end of the Season, Amber, the character will likely come back for at least a few scenes or part of what’s happening during the war here, even though Mark is now moving on to Adam, Eve is like his next big love interest.

She is really meant to be the best girl of the series. If we’re talking about anime tropes here. speaking of which Mark and Adam Eve’s relationship will slowly develop over the course of the Season 3. he was still so traumatized at the end of Season two, it’s it sounds like they were going to wait a little while till they actually did get together, but they do get together during Season 3. Based on some of these previews.

5. Ultra Mites

this is a preview of Adam Eve’s powers going all wonky in them in bed together. Now there’s a ten different things going on in this preview here, so don’t worry, we’ll cover all this stuff here. probably the biggest thing though the idea in the comics is the reason why her powers go all wonky like this is because she gets pregnant with Mark’s child, and it’s just her body’s reaction to the pregnancy. and remember, even though he’s technically half Vitrumite, the Vitrumite half of his body essentially overpowers his DNA so that in time, when he fully matures, like he fully comes into his powers, his DNA overpowers his entire body, and in his body is more like that of a full Vitrumite. a

the shows only briefly touched on this in the Adam Eve prequel episode. But she is way, way more powerful than the show has let on in the past. if she could fully tap into her power, she would be one of the most powerful people in the universe. Next to the Ultra Mites. so any children, the two of them had would essentially get all the greatest powers in the universe. Now here’s the thing. Like without getting into too many spoilers, if you have read the comics, it’s all laid out there, so you can actually read what winds up happening. They’ll be adapting it this way.

But if you have read ahead, please don’t post all those spoilers in the comments. The idea is that there’s many, many left turns that the story takes. Like there’s probably as much as we need to say like things do not end the way you think they end for this particular moment here. but because there are like ten different things going on in this preview here. Like there’s so many questions that this also raises. Notice he’s wearing his new blue suit that they tease in all of the intros during Season two. Art winds up making this form probably at some point early in the Season. he’s also got special braces helping heal his leg in arms. So this is meant to be after the Invincible War is over. Like at the very end of Season 3.speaking of which,

3. Mohawk Invincible

here’s a preview of a bunch of characters from The Invincible War. These are a mixture of the Mohawk Invincible. It looks like Donald gets smashed to bits again. Remember he made his peace with that during Season two and asked Cecil to wipe his mind again. So no matter how many times it gets wiped, they can always bring parts of him back and put his consciousness into other bodies. these are the characters, our new heroes, based on the comics, who help fight the other Invincible variants from other universes in the different cities that the war spills over into.

With all this collateral damage down below, though, we see even more of them from the main earth. This is also really big moment. Oliver, who’s older, come into his powers and it looks like he might be able to kill one of the Invincible variants with the long hair. Here. This uniform is also right out of the comics too. He goes by the alias Omni-Man Junior. That’s why he has the O on his chest. speaking of which,

2. Viltrumite War

Omni-Man returning as the Teaser from the end of Season two revealed in Allen the Alien helping him break out of the ultra my prison. We’ll see if there’s other characters that are inside that filter. My prison, the comic book arc that they’re adapting for that particular storyline is a little bit bigger, when he said, I think I miss my wife. He was also talking about Debbie.

People are like, which wife is he talking about? You but the main idea is that Allen the alien was breaking him out so that he could help Thaedus in his quest to stop the Vitrumites. And that’s the Viltrumite war, which is like a whole separate conflict that doesn’t take place till way, way later in the story.

1. Invincible War Season 3

WTF though we have a nice, conquest in through all coming on there like completely separate thing from what’s happening with the Invincible War during Season 3. you still have all the regular Vitrumites who will eventually return to Earth to make sure that Mark upheld his end of the bargain to take over the planet in his father’s part of the progression, just based on the way they’re laying Season 3 out, is that Season 3 is largely just the Invincible War It sounds like Season 4 will be conquer first.

Then after conquest, Anissa will come back and do all the messed up things to mark that she does to him in the comics. No spoilers for that. Then there’s eventually the 3 big characters. So I would expect to get a Teaser for Thragg maybe at the end of Season 3 or at the end of Season 4. So Thragg would be largely like a Season 5 kind of character. But there’s a bunch of stuff going here. Like, there’s so much stuff that I didn’t even touch on during this article.

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