Marvel Moon Knight Season 2 Teaser and Midnight Sons Breakdown

Marvel Moon Knight

Welcome back everyone, It’s Charlie. Oscar Isaac has been talking about Moon Knight coming back in the MCU. Season two of the show Midnight Suns. we also found out about him coming back during What If Season 3 for a special episode the Marvel Zombies show they’re still working on.

1. Moon Knight Returns

we’ve known about Moon Knight Season two for a while now. They ended on such a big cliffh anger. It looked at the time Marvel would follow up during a season two as opposed to a movie, just because it seemed like they were so bent on doing more series. soon after, Oscar Isaac was spotted down in Egypt with the Moon Knight producers and himself claimed that they were down in Cairo in early planning stages of season two.

There were a bunch of other Moon Knight Season two teasers last year, and the showrunner had been talking more about follow up stories, But most of them were specific to Moon Knight himself, like Jake Lockley, then Marc Spector, Steven Green, dealing with him first, then taking on Kaiju, who’s the real main villain of most Moon Knight stories anyway. But now. Oscar Isaac himself is talking about doing a Midnight Suns team up.

2. Moon Knight Easter Eggs

based on Oscar Isaac’s comments, it sounds like Marvel wanted to use The Midnight Suns as an Avengers style or defender style team. A few characters that wouldn’t get a lot of play in the bigger team, but movies like Avengers five or Avengers six, Secret Wars, and so on, I think the defenders are probably a better example. If Midnight Suns winds up being a TV show and not a movie. Marvel also just released a new Marvel Television banner separate from Marvel Studios for all the TV shows.

Sort of the intro they play in front of everything. They also have the Marvel Spotlight banner two Moon Knight season two, as well as Midnight Suns, would be under the Marvel Television banner. and speaking of Deadpool and Wolverine. Like, I’m using all this footage to talk about the characters coming together in the Avengers movies. In the recent trailer, you actually see a big Moon Knight Easter egg. This is the ice cream truck from episode one and the MCU version of Lock Berry there’s been hotrotted by Cassandra Nova’s evil band of X-Men variants and Fantastic Four variants.

this raises a whole bunch of questions like, wait a minute, is Moon Knight also going to show up in Deadpool and Wolverine I’m not expecting him to. They might have some Khonshu references, or like there might be a reference to another character being the avatar of Khonshu. I do not think that Oscar Isaac is going to show up in that movie, though.

3. What Happened To Black Knight

I’ve seen a couple reports they might pay off the Black Knight deleted scenes for Moonlight Season one during season two, but Marvel is also planning on using Kit Harington’s Dane Whitman character in their Excalibur style British team up project. So we’ll see about that. if you didn’t see any of the deleted scenes during Moonlight Season one, they revealed they had planned to have Kit Harington’s Black Knight Help Moon Knight with his quest to learn more about the Egyptian gods. the Aeneid. As he researches Emmett and learns more about Arthur Harrow and just in general, how countries pantheon of gods works in the MCU.

It would’ve been because of their relationship working at the same museum in the MCU. Dane Whitman’s day job is basically, as a historian and as scientists working at the British Natural History Museum. You saw that a lot during the Eternals movie. there’s also the museum where the Steven Grant persona was working at the beginning of Moonlight Season the whole idea is that once he learns about Ahmed, he starts doing all this research into the Egyptian gods. they wind up cutting Black Knight’s scenes and they’re playing cameo. But during that part of the episode, he would have gotten a lot of this information from Kit Harington’s character.

then Steven Grant learns about Marc Spector. He learns he’s another persona created by him as a child based on their childhood hero in that movie, then learns about Kaiju and everything else kind of spins up into the more supernatural aspect of the show. And that basically would have been the end of the Black Knight cameo scene. It would have just been that early crossover at the beginning of the series.

4. Moon Knight’s Gundam

the next place we’re actually going to see Moon Knight in the MCU, technically is what, a season three? Even though that said, in another universe. this will be an alternate reality version of Moon Knight. And in that episode, everybody’s supposed to get their own Gundam. Moo nights is meant to be reminiscent of the design of Sirbine’s from Super Robot Wars, inspired by Marc Spector’s Moon Knight suit from the actual show. then after that, the next place we’ll see him is actually during Marvel Zombies. But here’s the thing. It’s not going to be the Marc Spector version of Moon Knight.

Supposedly, it’s actually supposed to be blade selected by Khonshu as his next avatar, presumably because Marc Spector has been turned into a zombie. that’s kind of confused. Thing is just rolling on to the next avatar the minute he burns through one or loses one for whatever reason. I don’t know that they plan on doing Moon Knight Season three. So what they might do at the end of season two is just lead directly into or set up that Midnight Suns team up so that’s the next place people expect to see the character.

5. New Ghost Rider

But the current Midnight Suns team that Marvel seems like they’re planning right now is moon knight werewolf by night paying off his post-credits scene with man thing. I don’t know if man thing would also be on the team but then obviously Ghost Rider because they started said some Easter eggs for a new Ghost rider inside the MCU. Mahershala Ali as Blade character is supposed to be one of the team leaders of that Midnight Suns team. maybe Kit Harington’s Black Knight character, because it seems that there are a couple different teams that are thinking about putting him on right now.

Scarlet Witch’s character who isn’t coming back for a while, but this Midnight Suns team up project wouldn’t happen for a while. and instead of Doctor Strange putting together this Midnight Suns team, it would probably be Wong just because Marvel is using Doctor Strange to wrap up Avengers five in Avengers six Secret wars with their big multiverse saga.

6. Armor Wars Movie

in it looks like the main villain of this first Midnight Suns crossover would either belike Lilith or even Mephis to because Marvel slowly introducing the Mefistofele character. But I don’t think that’s going to happen for a while because it was originally supposed to happen in the Iron heart series of all places, and it was going to be played by Sacha Baron Cohen. supposedly he filmed some scenes for that, but then they put Iron heart on a ship, like they finished filming it it just put it on a shelf to release it whenever they wind up doing their Armor Wars movie.

If that does still wind up happening generally in the comics, Lilith story is based on a lot of the biblical mythological tales about the character, like she was the bride of Satan or Lucifer in some stories, or Mephisto in other stories. She rebelled against the MCU version of the one true God like capital of God. He does exist in the Marvel Universe, but he’s so OP he kind of breaks any story that he’s in. Like, how come God let this happen? so generally that’s why you don’t see him actually showing up in a ton of stories. but like, there’s an MCU iteration of the Christian version of heaven in the back story that you read about in the Bible.

Like the whole war between Lucifer and God, the rebellion in heaven. Lilith was cast down to hell with him. Everyone else that rebelled. she’s also meant to have been the very first human woman, the original wife of the biblical Adam, who left him in, went to Mephisto before Eve was the couple versions of her origin, just based on which character is telling it, in which comic book she’s in, she shows up in a lot of Ghost Rider stories specifically. And as you would expect, Midnight Suns Team-Up stories. So it makes sense they would want to use her in the new Midnight Suns movie.

In fact, she was actually the very first villain that the Midnight Sun Space when the team formed for the first time in the was basically the Midnight Suns coming together to fight Lilith in a bunch of her demonic children.

7. Welcome Back Jack Lockley

But the end of Moon Knight Season one set up a lot of the events that season two will deal with pretty well in that taxing. At the end, it was revealed that Moon Knight had more personalities inside him than he realized which we’d had some Easter eggs for earlier in the season. Like, Wait a minute, who killed all these people? Like, what happened here? Why is there a massacre here? because it was Jake Lockley. So at some point, the end of the season, they fall asleep.

The Jake Lockley persona becomes dominant, and then Kaiju forms a new contract with him to become his avatar, reasserting his control over their collective body, so to speak. Because even if he only has a contract with one of the personalities, he still gains control over their entire body. They really wanted to end season one, letting you know how terrible he was. Like he was never going to let Moon Knight, Marc Spector. The other personalities go, they would always be under his control.

So he has Jake Lockley kill Arthur hero in the backseat of that limo on his orders in that moment is meant to be from the comics with him in the business suit can’t. You also implied in that tag scene that there were many more personalities inside his body that he could form subsequent contracts with, and he could continue to break his mind so that he would develop even more personalities beyond that, they’re couple of Major Moon Knight villains they could still use as mid bosses, too, like Underneath Can’t You is being the main boss.

8. Season 2 Villains

It just depends on what they want The main theme of season two to be They already changed the origin of the Arthur Hiro character from the classic Moon Knight Comics, making him a version of Shadow Knight, who in the comics was Moon Knight’s Real Brother, that briefly formed a contract with Kaiju becoming a more evil version of Moon Knight.

That was kind of the backstory of Ethan Hawke’s character, is that he was the previous version of Moon Knight, who is a way more hardcore version of the character, and that’s what caused him to eventually break his contract with Kaiju, informed the contract with Ahmed, who admittedly was an even worse God. But there’s black Spector. There’s Morpheus. Not the Sandman version of Morpheus. A different one. They didn’t use werewolf by night, like I said, because he was meant to debut during the special presentation. They can introduce him during the series, and they can form a friendship together, fighting more supernatural monsters.

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