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Welcome back everyone, it’s Charlie There have been a bunch of reports on casting sites, production sites that Spider-Man 4 is going to be ramping up in the next year. Tom Holland, Marvel, Sony separately have also sorted revealing which characters are coming back and what their master plan for the Spider-Man character is going forward.

1. It’s Morbin Time

Probably one of the biggest pieces of news that you’ve seen lately in your feeds has been Sony and Marvel’s plans for the future of venom and the symbiote. Everybody’s been talking about what’s going on with the symbiote suit. We all saw the Spider-Man No Way Home post-credits scene. Tom Hardy’s venom leaves a piece of the symbiote behind when Doctor Strange, his second spell, makes him forget Peter Parker is Spider-Man, sending him back to the venom universe. It was probably one of the biggest hanging plot threads of all the many plot threads that they left.

There were several from the Spider-Man character. Going forward, when was Marvel going to follow up on that scene? Just in general, because it’s a big storyline from the comics. And when is Spider-Man actually going to get that symbiote suit like, it’s one thing to bring the symbiote back. It’s another thing to actually give him the suit. there was a very well documented war between Marvel and Sony behind the scenes over the past year about the story of Spider-Man. For Kevin Feige wanted it to be more of a ground level friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man type of movie.

Taking the character back to basics, would you think most longtime Spider-Man fans wanted like they wanted less of the Avengers stuff jammed into a Spider-Man movie and more just like a core traditional type of Spider-Man film? Kevin Feige, he also wanted to bring the Kingpin and Daredevil plot forward into it, following upon what they’re doing during the Daredevil Born Again episodes, introducing more Spider-Man villains from the comics that they haven’t done much with in the movies yet. Pretty simple concept. on the other side of that coin.

Sony wanted to double down on the multiverse stuff. Make it an even bigger film than Spider-Man no Way Home. More expensive to bringing back Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and even bigger roles putting Tom Holland in their venom universe at some points that they could do more Spider-Man venom films also to logically explain why Tom Holland would show up in some of their other Spider-Man spinoff films to sort of legitimize those films. For instance, there’s a bunch of deleted scenes in Madame Web where you see a version of Tom Holland in his suit fighting the villain from that movie very clearly.

When they were making that film, they plan to have Tom Holland show up in it. but as things went down in that movie, in Madame Web and in present day, you can see Marvel’s plan mostly won out for Spider-Man, for. Kevin Feige’s version of the movie, mostly. Obviously, they have to make concessions because it’s a sharing arrangement. Like it doesn’t give Marvel complete control over the character. Sony does have to sign off on everything that they do. so.

2. Meanwhile…

Spider-Man 4 will be a relatively ground level movie with all the things and characters that Marvel wanted in the film, but the concession to Sony is that they will follow up on that venom symbiote. Post-Credits scene in the symbiote will be featured in the movie. but here’s the thing. And I actually think this is the smart way to go about it. but apparently right now, Tom Holland will not get the symbiote suit in that film yet. I think most long time Spider-Man fans will also probably agree with this decision. Like, we’re so close to Avengers Secret Wars, even though it seems like a billion years away at this point.

With all the delays.in if you’ve been following the Marvel movies since back in the days of X-Men 2000,or like the blade movies in the late 90s, Kevin Feige, his whole thing way back in those original Marvel era movies were to be more like the comics, make the movies more like the comics.so if you wanted to do that and you were still trying to make that your big thing, why not wait to give Tom Holland the symbiote suit until Secret Wars? they’ve already changed the venom symbiote backstory from the comics a lot. So no matter what, it would already be different than how he originally got the suit in the comics. But they could make something relatively close to it.

In fact, speaking of Spider-Man deep cuts and longtime Marvel fans, if you watched the original Spider-Man The Animated Series back in the 90s,they did both the symbiote arc and the Secret Wars arc and completely different stories. we literally just saw that version of Spider-Man return with his Mary Jane, who he finally found everybody cheering in the background, and their Flash Thompson during X-Men 97 episodes. their version of Secret Wars in the 90s on the Spider-Man animated series was more like that 1980s version, because that was the more recent version. When they did those episodes, they hadn’t done the more modern version yet.

I’m the one who brought you guys. What’s going on here? I’m going to squash your flash. but even during those episodes, they changed the symbiote back story, and he got the symbiote during a completely separate arc I’ve done a bunch of separate X-Men 97 videos about this, too, because people have been asking if they’re going to do a revival of Spider-Man the 90s series.one of the reasons why you saw that Spider-Man during X-Men 97, along with all the other cameos, is they’re meant to be the versions from all of Marvel’s animated 90 shows at that time, which were canonized to the same universe during Spider-Man’s version of Secret Wars.

X-Men 97 are the exact same characters, so they’re basically just doing everything that they already did. Like they’re bringing them back like they did before, but this time it’s on the X-Men 97 show, just because that’s the main show right now. So whatever the MCU Live-Action Secret Wars winds up turning into expect the symbiote suit to get a totally different backstory when Tom Holland actually does get it. but we’ll give him half credit for trying to do it during Secret Wars. Like you’re trying to be more like the comics. speaking of which, even though Sony is ending the venom solo movies after this year, venom three still supposed to come out in October. There’s all kinds of rumors about the plot and characters.

3. The Quest For More Money

I already did a whole video about that and why Sony of all the movies to cancel, why would you stop doing venom movies if that’s like the one movie that’s been earning a lot of money for you in the live action spinoffs? Aside from the Spider-Verse films? I’ll post a link in the description for that. Sony does have a bigger plan for Tom Hardy’s Venom to return. but just not in the venom solo movies like this is it for venom after this year. the good news there. If you are a big fan of Tom Hardy’s Venom, Kevin Feige, apparently a big fan of him just in general, like his acting and also what he’s done with the venom character. So I think he’s open to him coming back during Secret Wars in the MCU.

so if you really wanted to see Tom Holland with Tom Hardy’s Venom on screen together, that would probably be Secret Wars. But there were actually a lot of deleted scenes from Spider-Man No Way Home where they would have actually shared scenes together, where venom and Spider-Man would have been on screen together. it’s been very well documented at this point. All the changes that Marvel goes through when they’re making any of their movies, not just Spider-Man movies, but any movie in general.

The script changes so much, all the characters, and especially when it gets as big as, like an Avengers film, they were like 100 different versions of the script for Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame. By the time they got done making that movie with completely different plots.

4. No Way Home Alternate Storyline

when they were originally making Spider-Man No Way Home, it took them a while to actually lock down deals for Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire. Spider-Man. So for a long time, they had a completely different plan for which characters would be in that movie and what that final battle would actually look like at the Statue of Liberty.one of their plans was to actually have venom show up from Mexico.so when he’s in that post-credits scene telling the bartender, you know what, I should go to New York City and talk to this spider man.

He was actually going to do that. And like, the scene would have appeared earlier in the movie. so the by the time they get to the Statue of Liberty fight, venom is fighting with Spider man against the Sinister Six characters in that scene. And they were planning on giving Tom Holland a version of the full on symbiote suit. This is actually concept art for what it was going to look like in the film. they were going to go full symbiote suit during that movie. But remember, this was their alternative to Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire. Should they have not been able to get them in the movie, which they eventually did? so because the venom symbiote storyline was such a big deal, they just decided to get rid of that and save that for a future movie. Marvel also has a long history of doing that too.

Like a really cool idea, like you have Iron Man becoming a version of Doctor Strange in Doctor Strange, getting iron Man’s armor, becoming what they called the Iron Mage during Avengers Infinity War. that’s another scene that they had to get rid of just because of time. Like it was just too much stuff going on. So they decided to save that for a future movie. There are billions of examples of this across all the different Marvel movies.so everybody let me know in the comments if they’re just going to feature the symbiote during Spider-Man 4, but he won’t actually get the suit till like, Secret Wars. What do you want that story during Sequel War to actually be like, how does he actually get the symbiote suit?

5. A Really Good Lawyer

most of the Daredevil and Kingpin stuff in the movie is just a follow up to the story that they’re setting up in Daredevil Born Again episodes. the whole idea is the kingpin is becoming the mayor of New York City at the beginning of Daredevil Born Again, and he’s running on an anti vigilante campaign treating Spider-Man, Daredevil, all the heroes like dangerous vigilantes and using his newfound control over the police like legit control. Now to actually go after them. the better.

A couple rumors about which villains from the Spider-Man comics are going to include supposedly Scorpion in Shocker will come back from Spider-Man homecoming, and kingpin will just hire them to go after Spider-Man. I’ve talked about this in the past too, but you could actually just have kingpin hire the Sinister Six. Like he could be the person that puts the Sinister Six in the MCU together by just hiring them while he’s mayor. there have been rumors about black Cat appearing.

Zendaya is coming back as a version of her MJ. They could just put the movie between semesters at MIT because supposedly she got into MIT and she was going with Ned Leeds. And of course J. Jonah Jameson would be featured at some point. I’m surprised there isn’t more of him in a lot of these. Spider-Man and spinoff movies.it would be hilarious if they actually just made him look exactly the same. And they just said he’s the exact same in every single universe.

6. Live Action Miles Morales

in there were a lot of rumors a long time ago about them trying to do a version of Miles Morales in the movie. I don’t think we’ll actually see Miles Morales live action in the movie, but there might be some more references to them. Like there were some sly references during Spider-Man No Way Home. So you kind of tell that they were thinking about slowly introducing that live action version of the character. if Sony’s been so desperate to have a live action version of Spider-Man in their universe to legitimize some of their spin off movies, why don’t they just use Miles Morales for that?

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