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Welcome back everyone it’s Charlie Star Wars dropped a brand new acolyte trailer with a much longer fight scene between the characters. So we’ll break it all down. I know there are a lot of questions about how they’re going to plug in the plot hole, because supposedly the Jedi High Council didn’t know about the Sith for about 1000 years. Like they thought they were dormant for a thousand years. how can all these Jedi and Jedi masters see the Sith in the trailer in the high council. Didn’t learn about the Sith return at that point a hundred years before a Phantom Menace.

They also released about ten minutes worth of footage after the Phantom Menace rerelease in theaters. I had a chance to see that it’s actually way better than any of the trailers that they’ve released explains a little more of what’s going on. And it’s like the full version of this fight scene that seems like it goes down in episode one.

1. Masters Of Teras Kasi

Just starting at the beginning of the footage, here is a much longer fight scene between May the Dark Side acolyte trying to eventually become the next Sith Apprentice by going around killing all these different Jedi in Jedi Masters that are tied to her tragic backstory. the way they cut the footage. They want you to think that that Sith that we saw in the last big trailer is the actual reigning Sith master at the time, with the red Sith lightsaber, just because they have a Sith lightsaber with a Sith crystal.

Technically Sith lightsaber crystals are just regular Kyber crystals that Jedi use in their lightsabers that are made to bleed red. Sith basically take the lightsaber crystals and pour all their hate into them, bleeding them like after revenge of the Sith, for instance, Obi-Wan Kenobi takes Anakin Skywalker’s second lightsaber with him and eventually gives it to Luke much later in the timeline during A new Hope. So Darth Vader needed to get a new lightsaber crystal so he could build his Sith lightsaber. He had to take that after killing another Jedi. but part of the idea here is that May has come to this cantina. Not sure exactly which world this is on, like, none of the footage they’ve released has actually told you which planets they actually visit during this. Besides Coruscant.

I believe this is meant to be episode one. She comes trying to kill Carrie-Anne Moss as Jedi Master Indra at this cantina. the full version of the fight scene feels very much like a classic kung fu fight, until Endora pulls her lightsaber later in the fight, much like the kung fu fight scene in The Matrix between Neo and Morpheus earlier in the movie, when Morpheus is kind of messing with him for the first part of the fight until neo starts to get better and he gets a little more serious.

during the beginning of the fight scene, in the footage that they didn’t release online, you actually see Mae trying to pull in Dora’s lights aberand use it against her, in Carrie-Anne Moss goes full matrix and starts dodging her so you can’t actually grab it from her just to show you how skilled she is without actually striking’s a little bit like terracotta, but I don’t know if they were specifically going for terracotta. that’s the old Jedi martial arts that they introduced during the video games a long time ago.

2. Force Enhanced Strikes

one of the other differences with the footage that they released after Phantom Menace, like the longer footage, is that you actually see Mae using the force to enhance a lot of her strikes during the fight, throwing a bunch of tables. People all across this open bar space of the comparisons to make would be like the fight scene during Phantom Menace. Still one of the best lightsaber fight scenes of all time in any Star Wars. Anything. quick, quite gone.

Obi-Wan Kenobi against Darth Maul. during that fight, everybody’s enhancing their strikes with the force. But because of the way they filmed it, it just looks like a two on one fight they just happened to have lightsabers in a couple times. You see them force jump across the space. or like during revenge of the Sith, where you have Anakin Skywalker versus Obi-Wan Kenobi, even though they’re pouring so much force like flowing through them as they’re trying to strike each other. Anakin Skywalker using every ounce of his power to try and kill Obi-Wan Kenobi. the way they film it, it just looks like a really sped up version of a normal fight scene of two people with actual lightsabers.

But when Jedi actually fight like this, when they had knock down drag out fights, They could use the force to enhance a lot of their strikes in their blocks. Really good comparison to make would be man of Steel with Superman versus sword. The way they struck each other was so much force. It was almost like bombs going off. Jedi can strike each other with force like this? But it drains their power really, really quickly. So you have to be incredibly powerful. Really.

3. Yoda’s Fighting Style

Good example is Yoda during attack of the clones. He uses his a much greater command of the force to enhance all of his strikes against Count Dooku, which is why he’s so badass in this lightsaber fight scene. but even as powerful as he is, Yoda can’t maintain that level of power behind all of his strikes. for instance, when he’s fighting Palpatine during revenge of the Sith, his strength eventually does start to give just a cool way of visualizing a fight scene that you haven’t seen a ton of times in Star Wars before, especially a physical fight scene.

usually the fight scenes that are closest. This we seen in the past are just regular lightsaber fights. and I do think that the lightsaber hilt of a dead Jedi master that May picks up in the last big trailer is in Dara’s in. She somehow is able to kill her during their fight scene. She’s like the big WTF death. At the end of episode one.MC all the Ned Stark comparisons that you want, like the really powerful Jedi Master that she somehow able to kill. Setting off this big murder mystery.

in the longer footage they didn’t release online. They also give you some more context about why she wants to kill in Dara. Specifically, she was part of a Jedi contingent here in the flashback son this planet that prevented me, I think, from able to save her sister. There’s some tragic event that she blames the Jedi for. Like she was part of that contingent.

4. Dual Roles/Twin Sisters

But here’s the thing. The actress that’s actually playing May is supposed to be playing dual roles with her and her sister. Like her twin sister. this is the main character in the flashbacks through the Jedi. I take as a child to be trained at the temple on course, and her sister is not taken, so I don’t know if her sister, who the actress is also playing, is also secretly in the present day scenes in the Traitor. And she just survived because she’d have to.

She was playing dual roles. Maybe they’re just hiding her. To avoid spoilers, But we’ll probably get a teaser for what actually happened to her. The sister in the first few episodes. It might have something to do with the Sith in The Traders, just because of this whole rule of two thing.

5. Fixing A Pole Hole

Getting to the other plot hole that they’re trying to sort of plug this series into so that it doesn’t trample on stuff that happens of the greatest problems in doing new Star Wars series set earlier in the timeline, like, Lord, we can’t mess with too much stuff that happens later. they’re trying to slot this series in 100 years before Phantom Menace in a way that doesn’t trample on Palpatine, turning to the dark side, eventually seeking out Darth Plague is and becoming the new Sith Master. this is the plot hole that people keep referring to since they released the first trailer during The Phantom Menace. Master, Ki-Adi-Mundi says the Sith have been extinct for over a thousand years.

6. Ancient Jedi-Sith War

What he’s referring to is the ancient Jedi Sith War that happened before the formation of the current version of the Republic. They call it the Republic era. The old Republic era, which they get into in all the games, is a completely separate thing that takes place much, much earlier in the timeline that fell around the time of the Jedi Mandalorian Wars. The Jedi Sith War also happens right after that period couple really big wars happening in the canon before the formation of the current version of the Republic. As you see like the Old Republic was a completely separate organization.

During the Jedi Sith War, the Sith were still very great in number. Darth Bane is the only Sith to have survived the Jedi Sith War, and that’s why he developed the Rule of Two so that they would be able to fly under the radar for the next thousand plus years. fun fact to after the Jedi defeated the Sith, they constructed the modern version of the Grand Jedi Temple.As you see it in the present day, on top of an old Sith shrine. On course on. So there used to be a Sith Shrine where the Jedi Temple exists now, part of the reason why Palpatine eventually turned the Jedi Temple on course on into his personal quarters. After order 66 in the formation of the Empire.

there are ley lines in the force that pass through right here where the Sith temple was constructed, deep below the surface. I think that over the course of a thousand years, somehow the Sith survived like one of the two at some point eventually erased the records of the old Sith shrine beneath course from the Jedi archives. So this way you get to present day and you have the Jedi Council here having no idea that there’s a secret shrine buried deep beneath the temple that they’re sitting in every single day. but part of the big idea here. Is everyone just wondering how there could be Sith in the Jedi?

I didn’t know about them until Phantom Menace. If you see the knock down, drag out fight happening between all these Jedi in the Sith in the trailer, this is only meant to be 100 years before Phantom Menace. Like, why didn’t the High Council learn about the return of the Sith here? After this moment? there a couple ways to explain that. Either like one, the Sith winds up cheesing every single one of these people, so no one survives to actually tell the High Council. R.I.P all these Jedi. But you have people like Yoda who are incredibly wise. He would have been on the High council at this point. Why didn’t he learn about the Sith after this?

7. Overconfidence Of The Jedi

what they might say. Because the whole series is meant to sort out is this murder mystery is that they learn about the killing of all these Jedi, and they find the evidence that May is trying to become a Sith mystery uncovered. They tell the High Council, they tell Yoda they’ve seen assist the red lightsaber here. The signs are all there. The Sith have returned. and because the series is meant to chronicle the beginning of the fall, the Jedi, the decline of the Jedi, the High Council at that time period probably won’t believe them about the Sith returning, and won’t think that it’s a big threat.

They’ll pass it off, as a couple of Rogue Force users trained in the Jedi arts are like Dark Jedi, but it’s not the Sith. It might be a couple Dark side force users, but they’re operating on their own. It’s not this Grand Sith conspiracy. And I think you’re meant to walk away from the series feeling the Jedi is hubris is leading to their own downfall. Like they didn’t believe it because they were so overconfident that the Sith would not return. Because at this point in history, they’re meant to be so powerful. There’s no way to. Lone Sith could take down our entire massive Jedi Order at this time.

Wait for it. getting to the Palpatine of it all. Like I said, it’s meant to take place 100 years before Phantom Menace. Palpatine’s canon birthdate is around 52 years before Phantom Menace on Naboo, So what they’ll probably do is endacolyte in whichever season they wind up ending it in long before Palpatine is born. Maybe they’ll be like a flash forward or like a reference to him eventually being born, but the actual main part of the timeline of the acolyte series will end long before he’s born, so that eventually Darth Tin neighbors can come along, become the new Sith Master train Darth Plague is, who then kills him to become the next Sith Master, then trains Palpatine, who kills Darth Plague is to become the next Sith Master.

because the whole thing with the rule of two is that the apprentice can only ever become the next Sith Master by killing the previous master and then finding another apprentice, begetting the cycle like over and over It’s way easier for them to introduce this series during this time period so that the main character comes and goes long before Palpatine ever shows up. kind of puts a bit of a ticking clock on her lifespan to like the minute you actually join the Sith, your lifespan shortens greatly. Life expectancy. Not so great. Just forget about all this. Palpatine returning somehow later in the sequel trilogy.

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