The Penguin Trailer 2024: Batman Returns and The Batman 2 Crossover Breakdown

Welcome back everyone It’s Charlie, DC just dropped a brand new Trailer for the Penguin HBO series It’s meant to be a spinoff of Matt Reeves Batman movies, Robert Pattinson’s Batman. All expecting a lot of cameo scenes. By the end of this two. I’ll be doing videos for all the Episodes when it drops. It’s dropping in September. If it wasn’t clear, they didn’t say exactly which day in September. Just sometime in September.

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1. The Batman Year 2.5

Matt Reeves did the series himself. They did build it like a traditional HBO series. So it’s not just like a random series that they’re putting on HBO Max or Max or whatever they’re calling it now. It’s a series that they did at HBO with Batman characters. that’s why it looks way more quality than a lot of other DC series you might have seen from other networks. It’s meant to pick up days after the end of the first Batman movie and will end before the events of The Batman two. He said that Matt Reeves wasn’t happy with the script yet. He’s still working on that, so they pushed that to 2026.It was coming out next year. now next year. The only real big DC movie that’s coming out is James Gunn’s new Superman movie with David Corns, with. starting at the beginning of the Trailer.

Notice you see him driving his purple Maserati through the really terrible parts of town, but everything is still underwater. Like I said, that’s because it’s still a couple days after the end of the first Batman movie. So the city is still been flooded because of what the Riddler did, who he calls a madman during this.

2. Penguin and Other DC Villains

But here’s the thing. He doesn’t hate the Riddler on moral grounds. Like he doesn’t think he’s a bad person. Like, oh, how dare you hurt all these innocent people. he hates the Riddler because of the chaos he caused in the damage is bad for business. So if the Riddler were to do something that were advantageous to the Penguin’s business, he’d have no problem forming an alliance with them. It’s all about practicality. He’s a businessman, quote unquote. Like we’re talking about taking over a business here. The business just happens to be Falcon’s crime family. notices are driving through this terrible part of town. It’s underwater. The drops are like the drug they were selling during the events of the first Batman movie did it become this big problem? Like, you see this character walking around with the drops head on as he’s trying to rob this store? within the context of the overarching story, like the lore here, Salvador Maroni was actually in charge of the drops.

3. Salvador Maroni – Clancy Brown

He’s the person who sort of developed that. And we’re spreading them, selling them around the city. Falcone one of that drops he sold out Maroni to the feds who got thrown in Black Gate Prison, who we see during this Trailer. That’s who Penguin goes to see, played by Clancy Brown, who’s also been in a bunch of other DC stuff. Most people will remember his version of Lex Luther. Great version of animated Lex Luther. but because Falcon is dead.

Penguin is scrambling to take over his crime family, also looks like he’s going to be fighting Falcone’s former family members for control of the family. what might wind up happening because Falcone was outed for all these terrible crimes that he committed, it might force the feds to actually let Maroni go. he might be stuck in prison for the course of the series, though. But I think at some point he will get out of prison. he’ll probably become one of the Penguins biggest villains eventually. Yeah. You remember they’re pitching this sort of like a Scarface. There’s Penguin, Scarface.

The world is if he’s an anti-hero during this, you have to put him up against the villains that seem even worse. and it plays out more like a Sopranos type of series. So like, you have a bunch of bad people, but then a bunch of other people who are way, way worse. notice all the other signs in the background. Two ads about low interest personal loans. Just generally this is a terrible part of Gotham. but here’s the thing. They show you a bunch of different parts of the city throughout the Trailer, and each one of the places looks just as bad, if not worse, than the one before. So the whole idea is that Gotham City, just in general, is meant to be in a really, really terrible state, which they kind of got into during the first Batman movie. A little bit. you have to remember this is still early days, early years for the Batman.

So Bruce Wayne himself has not been able to completely clean up the city and to be fair, he never truly, actually succeeds completely like even in his old age. Like when you’re talking Batman Beyond era, things are still pretty bad in Gotham. when they show his driver. This is Victor Aguilar. He’s meant to be a teenager that they just created for the series. He’s not from DC canon or Law. he winds up finding him on the street, takes him under his wing. Who becomes his driver? Probably going to do small things for him. Like you see him helping him bury a body in the woods of someone. The penguin just killed. You might recognize him.

Is Renzi Felice, who most people saw as Alex on Marvel’s Runaways series. jumping from the Marvel Universe to the DC universe. notice the look on Salvatore Maroni face when Penguin starts explaining his plan.

4. Falcone Crime Family

They kind of break up their scene together across the entire Trailer, where eventually Maroni asked, like, what’s the whole deal? and he basically explains to him what’s happened to the Falcone family in the wake of his death, how they’re scrambling like it seems like they’re completely disorganized and the organization is ripe for takeover. So he’s trying to move on that as quickly as possible before somebody else comes along. And it looks like someone already has come along. In his. Falcone’s former family. Not quite so toothless as he thinks, particularly Sofia Falcone, played by Cristin Milioti, who’s also Penguin’s love interest during the series.

So I think part of the idea, it’s not really clear in the Trailer, but she clearly does not underestimate Penguin and clocks what he’s trying to do. Like, I know what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to take over this organization. But then she has these conversations in the Trailer with her other brothers like Falcone had two sons. this is the older son, and this is the younger son. The younger son is the one who actually goes up against Penguin too. Like, how dare you try to take over my father’s organization? But she kind of has the same conversation with her younger brother, saying that all these old men underestimate me.

I’m going to show them what’s what. then proceeds to kill a whole bunch of people it’s not totally clear from the Trailer scenes if Penguin is also underestimating her, not expecting her to make a move for the crime family. But it sounds. By the end of the series, they’ll come to a head like the two of them will actually go against each other. he visits Falcone’s tomb. Isabella Falcone would be his wife, who also passed away before he did. you probably recognize Michael Kelley from a bunch of other series. He’s playing John Falcone’s former underboss, who seems like he also gets pissed off at Penguin. Like, how dare you? This is the family. You work for us.

We don’t work for it seems like at the end of the Trailer, he tries to kill him in his bed or does successfully kill him. and he tells Maroni his grand plan to basically tear down Falcone’s former organization and rebuild it in his image. Like we’re talking about the rise of the Penguin as he becomes more like Comic Book Penguin. During this series. you also probably recognize Shohreh Aghdashloo. This is Maroney s wife, Nadia maroney. It seems like she still has some kind of power. Like she’s wielding power for him while he’s stuck in prison. He’s not totally toothless. even though Falcone took over most of Maloney’s operation, like the drops operation, when he threw him under the bus and got him thrown in prison.

5. Cameo-Watch

But now a lot of people will ask if this is all going on, like days after the end of the first Batman movie. Where is Robert Pattinson’s Batman? Like, what’s Bruce Wayne doing on the other side of that coin? What’s going on with Gordon? The Gotham City PD? what about the Joker? Riddler? Other potential villains that might be in Arkham Asylum? here’s the thing with that. Like, we’ll start with the Gotham City PD. That’s actually pretty easy one to explain. Part of the idea, like I said, is that FEMA has moved in because of this giant disaster that the Riddler caused. So the entire city, which is massive, like a big city.

We only see small parts of it during the Trailer here. the police, all the official authorities are busy trying to deal with the disaster. So they’re busy with that. Too busy to pay attention to what the penguin is doing in a lot of these other mob members. They’re a couple police sirens that you hear during the Trailer. So it’s not like the police are never around during this, but you have to remember that they’re probably in the really bad parts of the city that are just too big for the police to handle because of the larger disaster clean up after the events of the first Batman it, when it comes to Robert Pattinson’s Batman, I’m not expecting him to show up to, like, maybe the very end of this series.

There might be some moment at the very beginning, like in Episode one, this is to remind you like, oh yeah, this is a Batman series, but I do think he was spotted near the set where he could have potentially filmed stuff for the finale because I think part of the idea is they want to use the finale to also push into the events of The Batman to like this is what’s happening when the Batman two picks up. we’ll probably get a couple more Trailers. Like, they’re still calling this technically the second teaser, not the official Trailer. So I think when they release the next big Trailer, it’ll give us more of the actual story, like the more progression of what’s going on Episode to Episode, Whenever they wind up releasing, of course, I’ll do a video for it. they’re also still working on that Green Lantern HBO series.

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