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Welcome back everyone, It’s Charlie. Marvel has been hyping up Cassandra Nova from the X-Men comics Is the villain of Deadpool and Wolverine But there’s a secret villain in the movie. And we think we figured out what Marvel is hiding in all the trailers. I’ve seen a bunch of you in the comments of my Deadpool and Wolverine videos that have started to figure it out, too. So we’ll break it all down.

Marvel is also supposed to release new footage on Monday, because tickets for the movie are supposed to go on sale on Monday. That’s how confident they are in the movie. They’re selling tickets that early. they also probably want to start backing up that big dump truck of money as early as possible, hoping that Deadpool and Wolverine will cross $1 billion. Whatever new footage they wind up releasing. Of course I will do articles for it.



But during the last few Deadpool and Wolverine trailers, Marvel has revealed that Deadpool finds this Wolverine variant played by Hugh Jackman. In another universe, it looks like the TVA either gives him a ten pad or he steals one and based on the footage, Marvel released it. CinemaCon a while ago.

Matthew McFadden’s TVA hunter named paradox explains in much more detail why they’ve recruited Deadpool, what his mission is supposed to be and it’s at that point that he goes to find this Wolverine At some point, they wind up on what looks like the Void Planet from the Loki series. I know the color timing for the trailer makes it seem different from the way they color timed it during the Loki series, so there’s a little confusion there, But I do believe it’s meant to be the void because of all the different Easter eggs, vehicles, buildings, signs, and the 20th Century Fox sign variants of X-Men characters. Punisher characters fantastic for Ant-Man. That all looks like it’s been pruned in center at some point.

especially during that last main trailer, they show you Cassandra Nova from the comics, Professor X’s evil twin with basically the same powers as him, the same power levels to. controlling this band of X-Men. Other variants from the Fox, Marvel movies, and they really want you to think that she is the main villain. There was a larger scene of Deadpool and Wolverine being captured by her group and taken to the giant dead Ant-Man head.


There’s another scene where Cassandra Nova herself is using her telepathy to finger puppet Wolverine and make him stab himself with his adamantium claws. That’s going to sting.

The healing factor does not stop the pain, like he still feels the pain every time something happens to him. during that longer CinemaCon footage they released, like the first nine minutes of the movie, their agent paradox gives Deadpool a longer explainer about why she’s so dangerous, and only he can stop her without directly naming her as Cassandra Nova. They wind up hauling Deadpool into the interrogation room, like you see in a lot of the trailers. Notice Loki’s Multiverse World tree in the background. I think that also implies this takes place after the events of Loki Season two. We’ll see how the movie references Loki. but at the end of Loki season two, technically the TVA was being run by the generals that were left over from Loki Season two. Some of them were still alive. They were still supposed to be running the TVA, but Matthew McFadden actually said recently in an interview that his paradox character was supposed to be in charge of the TVA.

know, I don’t know if that’s the actor himself just making a mistake or the interviewer misquoting him. But remember that he said that he was supposed to be in charge. It’ll be important for later.


Paradox tells Deadpool they don’t care that he’s been causing all kinds of Nexus events, messing with timelines in the X-Men universe. Using cable’s time travel device, Deadpool comes from the main X-Men universe, where all the X-Men movies take place. If that wasn’t clear. Paradox tells him the real reason he’s here is because there’s a threat that only he can stop coming in the future and start showing him all these monitors. That’s where the Avengers Easter eggs in the trailer come from, like the Captain America Winter Soldier Easter eggs. Same exact scene here.

so we start showing Deadpool all these other timelines, some of his past, like there’s Easter eggs for him accepting the Emmy for Wrexham, there’s another cameo scene from a Thor cradling Deadpool dying in his arms. You probably heard about this scene. Everybody was talking about it. It kind of looks like they reworked Deadpool into the Loki death scene from Thor The Dark World, because Chris Hemsworth, when asked about the scene, claims that he did not shoot new footage. And I don’t know if he’s lying, but there might just be old footage that they worked Deadpool into. So paradox is blowing a bunch of smoke up Deadpool’s butt, saying he’s destined to become a great hero, trying to get him jazzed up about going on this mission.

He tells him that there’s a threat in the future that only he can stop. Then kind of hand waves mysteriously over some of the details, saying, the TVA doesn’t have a lot of information about how Deadpool dies or what the threat might be. he’s meant to be talking about Cassandra Nova on the void planet here, but it seems like he’s purposefully with holding a lot of information from Deadpool. Like very critical information.

Now, look at some of the other footage we’ve seen so far. There’s at least one TVA agent that we know about here at Ant-Man’s It could be more TVA agents We just see one here. This eaten by a lion when it comes to start hoovering everything up. Then there’s the totally different scene. Like, seems like a completely separate event where Deadpool is fighting the TVA agents in the woods, killing them all. The woods also look like they’re a totally different planet than the void. so we have all this trailer footage that Marvel released. They really want you to think that Cassandra Nova is a huge threat. She’s got the same powers as professor X, she’s got all this technology that she’s grabbed from either other people that have been pruned, and she stole it off them, or kill them and stole it like the dead Ant-Man or weapons that have been pruned. And she just joined.

and it also kind of seems like they’re implying she’s used her massive powers of telepathy in her makeshift Cere bro inside the Ant-Man head to gain control of the light himself. Like, think about how powerful she’d be with a version of Cerebro. in a lie, it is meant to be one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse.



But it almost seems like they’re overhyping her as this big villain. And it’s going to be a big misdirect in the way you expect Deadpool movies to have big misdirect in them. They tend to do that in all regular Marvel movies, too. Like not just Deadpool movies. Like they’ll show you a villain, but it’s never the only villain. There’s always some secret villain in the background. in, it kind of seems like Matthew McFadden’s TVA Hunter will be one of those secret villains in this movie. A lot of people commented, even when the first trailer drop, there’s something about him just seems off. He’s sus. Something weird is going on. he just seems really, really shady.

So think about it this way. He already knows about Cassandra Nova and what’s happening on the void. The TVA has this hyper advanced technology from Kang in the far distant future, vastly more advanced than anything that would be available to Cassandra Nova on the void that have been pruned. It kind of looks like he’s lying to Deadpool about how he’s supposed to die and what he’s supposed to do, and who Cassandra Nova is, and why she’s on the void in the first place. in at some point, it seems like he gets into like a full on fight with the TVA, killing a bunch of agents himself. in as crazy as Deadpool is one of the big things about all of his movies. Like, no matter how nuts he gets, he’s always trying to do what the right thing is.

so Deadpool is in the right here, you have to assume the TVA agents herein Matthew McFadden’s paradox character are in the wrong.


so early theory. They’re pulling a Loki season one, season two kind of twist. The TVA did some injustice to Cassandra Nova, primarily Matthew McFadden’s paradox, and she wants to get revenge for that, and he comes out seeming like a bigger villain.

when I say they’re pulling a Loki. Season one, season two, they revealed the TVA itself was bad during season one and simply existed to up hold He Who Remain King’s will, keeping his sacred timeline intact, free of other Kang variants. Just pruning anything that they didn’t like. that version of Kang was a terrible person, but felt like his actions were necessary. They just drove him to do very terrible things.

so do not be surprised if it’s the same situation with paradox here, where he feels like he’s doing the right thing, but just winds up doing awful things. in one of the very obvious threats that he poses to Deadpool is the idea that if Deadpool doesn’t do what they want him to do and go on this mission and stop Cassandra and over for them, they’ll just prune him and his entire timeline, like the variant timeline that he now exists in, in that X-Men universe, all of his friends.

He said that to Wolverine in the trailer that he’s fighting to save them. that might be under threat of his reality being completely pruned by the TVA itself. technically him messing with cables time travel device even once, like killing a version of himself from Wolverine Origins than killing Ryan Reynolds in another timeline. That’d be more than enough to create a Nexus event, turning him into a variant under which he would normally be pruned immediately. but part of the idea with the TVA. And they did this with Loki during season one, is they offer them a choice like you either work for us, do what we want you to do, or you get pruned.

Kind of making them seem like the villains again. everybody posts all your theories in the comments. You’ve been feeling like something was off about this paradox character in the trailers.


I still think Cassandra Nova will be one of the villains during the movie. Just not the only villain. You can kind of see the way they’re setting her character up, because we’re talking about tropes from the Loki series variants. The whole idea that Sylvie got pruned when she probably should not have been brutal, like she hadn’t actually done anything wrong yet, but the TVA arrested her and was going to prune her Because according to he who remains king. Her timeline that she came from was going to lead to a future dangerous king. Variants rising up.

so it might have been a similar situation with Cassandra Nova, where she also got pruned, where she hadn’t actually done anything wrong yet, but they pruned her anyway, turning her into turning into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

the only thing about her in the comics, though, is that she is meant to be a really a really bad villain. but I am expecting a bit of a twist from that with her character in this movie. It won’t be quite that simple. that brand new trailer Marvel supposed to release on Monday morning I’ll try to post my article for that as quickly as possible.

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