Welcome back everyone It’s Charlie Sony has just revealed how it plans to fix its venom verse of connected movies that is trying to make before the disasters that were Morbius in Madame Web They were sort of building up to their own version of Sinister Six They had all these interconnected plans to make their own version of the MCU, which basically collapsed this past year and the big surprise is their plan to fix that is by bringing Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire back in a really big way I know a lot of you have been asking for them to just make Andrew Garfield amazing Spider-Man three and Tobey Maguire his version of Spider-Man 4.

Like if you want more Spider-Man in your Sony universe, why don’t you just give them their own movies. Turns out that’s kind of what Sony is planning on doing, only not the way that you think. Like they’re not going to make actual amazing Spider-Man three and call it amazing Spider-Man three or the same with Tobey Maguire. Spider-Man four. They’re already doing Tom Holland’s version of Spider-Man four in the MCU.

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1. Sony’s New Master Plan

Sony’s current plan to end their venom solo movies with Tom Hardy, like the venom movies essentially canceled after the stuff they’ve already made, which is venom three. So you will get a chance to see venom three, but that’s it for his version of venom in terms of solo movies, they’re going to continue him as a version of venom. They’ll just put him in other people’s movies. Also, I think they want to put him in Secret Wars eventually. but it also seems like them ending their venom movies and beginning these Andrew Garfield Tobey Maguire movies with them coming back or connected.

It’s pretty unbelievable. But I wouldn’t put it past Sony to do anything. They make so much money on Spider-Man, and they’ve done so poorly with the other spin off movies. They tried to do without Spider-Man. So they’re like, how do we fix this? How do we actually earn money on these? What if we put Spider-Man in them? Or a version of Spider-Man? there’s even a new rumor now that one of the real reasons why Madame Web had to delete all the Spider-Man scenes and references like this is a version of Ezekiel Sims fighting their version of Spider-Man they were going to put in the movie.

this was going to be part of the Terminator plot of the movie where Ezekiel Sims was traveling back in time to try and kill Peter Parker before he was born, but they wound up taking all that stuff out of the movie and completely changing it. we all assumed they did that because smarter heads inside Sony prevailed to like, you know what, let’s just pull way, way back on these crazy Spider-Man plans in this movie. they also kind of messed up the timelines on when Peter Parker was supposed to be born, if they were going to do Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield, they were born way, way earlier in the timeline.

but now, based on these new reports, it sounds like they actually just gave that Terminator Spider-Man plot to another movie. And that other movie might wind up being venom three of all here’s where you connect the dots between venom three ending that franchise basically and bringing back Tobey Maguire Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man, doing more specific Spider-Man stuff.

2. Young Spider-Man

There was a new rumor that they just gave this save young Peter Parker’s life before he became Spider-Man. Plot two. Venom three and during the events of venom three, we will see a ten year old version of Peter Parker on Venom’s Earth. like I said, it’s almost the exact same plot from Madame Web, so you can see why they might have gotten rid of that plot during Madame Web. Like, you know what? We’ll just let this movie do its own thing, get rid of that Spider-Man plot and give that to venom three.

But doing that raises way more questions than answers. Like what is going on over at Sony? think about it this way. The venom movies have largely taken place in the same present day. The Tom Holland’s MCU Spider-Man is taking place inside the MCU. Like the post-credits scenes sync up their timelines with Spider-Man No Way Home in Venom Let There Be Carnage, that means venom three in his universe takes place between the events of Spider-Man No Way Home. In Tom home, Spider-Man, if there’s a Peter Parker that’s only ten years old in Venom’s universe, that means his Peter Parker. It probably a totally different version.

That won’t be Tom Holland when he grows up to become Spider-Man. Apparently, toxin is supposed to be one of the big villains. Maybe there’s some other villains during going on that. It just seems like Sony’s plan to pivot to more profitable Spider-Man spinoff movies is that make movies with actual Spider-Man in them and just wind up using an older version of this young Peter Parker they introduce in venom three. but because it would take a while for that to happen. They bring back Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire before that Spider-Man gets aged up in introduced in his universe.

3. Previous Spider-Man Plans

if you remember back when they were making the Morbius movie, they tried to get Andrew Garfield to come back and they try to get Tobey Maguire to come back. Apparently, both of them said no. And that’s why there were so many Tobey Maguire Easter eggs and Andrew Garfield Spider-Man Easter eggs in the original trailers for that, because at the time they were hoping to actually get them come back to cameo. what am I theories that they were just going to say that the venom universe is Andrew Garfield’s Amazing Spider-Man universe? it would have solved a ton of problems for Sony. Like big things.

It’s way, way simpler. But this doesn’t mean that Sony is making Tobey Maguire Spider-Man four or amazing Spider-Man three. It sounds more like they’d be bringing them back for multiple movies and just telling those stories for those movies in other movies, just like spreading it across a couple of different movies. Kind of like what they’ve done for the Hulk in the MCU.I don’t know if they’re sharing deal with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. The MCU prevents them from being able to name one of their live action solo movies. Spider-Man like puts Spider-Man in the title of a bunch of their own movies.

I think they’re way around this with the Spider-Verse movies is the fact that they’re animated in. They’re so different. Like it’s Miles Morales in all these multiverse Spider-Man, so it doesn’t necessarily create a lot of brand confusion with the live action MCU, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man movies, But if you start doing a bunch of live action Spider-Man movies and calling them Spider-Man as well, then you do start to run into this overcrowding problem. maybe they can work something out with Marvel so they don’t mind up stepping on each other’s toes and hurting all Spider-Man movie box office.

So they don’t want to take away the billions of dollars they can earn with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. maybe they can come to some kind of new arrangement with Marvel that will allow them to continue using the Spider-Man name in the live action movies. Outside of Tom Holland movies.

4. Spider-Man No Way This Loan Will Clear

There was also the live action Sinister Six movies that Sony was hoping to do before Morbius and Madame Web tanked. So there are a couple options that they have about what they could name these movies, that they bring Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire back for. everybody let me know in the comments if they’re going to bring them back. But just inside the Sony universe, what do you want them to call those movies that they put them in? but if they’re big thing is working up to a version of their own Spider-Man that they can put in all their separate spin off movies that they make without Marvel, Kevin Feige’s help There are a lot of different directions for them to take this very easy to use Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire as a mentor.

Spider-Man to a younger version of Peter Parker, Spider-Man from another universe without completely retreading everything they just did in Spider-Man No Way Home. or they can just bring them back, each in their own separate movies or together without younger versions of Spider-Man. let just the two of them working together to solve some larger problem.

5. Sony’s Spider-Man

there’s just so many questions I have if they’re actually going to be doing this ten year old version of Peter Parker in Venom three. Like, is this a time travel plot? Like, is there some sort of time travel component and he goes back in time, or is this happening in the present day of his universe, and it’ll be some different version of Spider-Man in the future. both the plots of Tobey Maguire, Spider-Man four and Andrew Garfield’s Amazing Spider-Man three have been well documented.

they were very far along in those movies when they elected to recast. I’ve already done much larger videos on Tobey Maguire, Spider-Man four, so I’ll link that at the end of this in down in the description below. but Andrew Garfield’s Amazing Spider-Man three was meant to coexist with a totally separate Sinister Six spin off movie that they were making. That’s what that amazing Spider-Man two post-credits scene was all about. With all those power suits It would have released around the same time as amazing Spider-Man three came out.

And if you look at some of the Easter eggs they included here, like zoom in, hands on this particular screen, really important ones. They tease Andrew Garfield’s version of Morbius in Venom. Most of these other references are to the Sinister Six mechanical suits and weapons. So part of the idea is that amazing Spider-Man three would have started Andrew Garfield’s Venom symbiote saga based on the comics, but just changed from Tobey Maguire version a bit so that it wasn’t exactly the same as his film. if you remember, there was even a bit of a reference to this during Spider-Man No Way Home, when they were all talking about fighting aliens, Tobey Maguire told them about fighting his version of venom.

Andrew Garfield said that he wanted to fight an alien. Two. that was basically them saying that he had not yet fought his version of venom in the years since amazing Spider-Man two had taken here’s how they could bring Tom Hardy’s Venom character back and cross him over with actual Spider-Man in a movie. You just put him in a movie with Andrew Garfield and just like it seems like they had planned to do before when the Morbius movie came out, they can say that Venom’s Earth is Andrew Garfield’s amazing Spider-Man. Earth.

6. Live Action Miles Morales

Now, Sony also has that live action Miles Morales movie that they said they want to make. They haven’t announced exactly how that will go down with everything that’s happening in across the Spider-Verse. like I think it’s meant to be a completely different version of Miles Morales. but I do think Sony also wants to get either Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield to come back for that movie, as well to as a mentor. Spider-Man. there’s a number of different directions they could go with that.

Like they could either say that he comes from Venom’s universe like that same Earth, or they could say he comes from a totally different one in that Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield also come from different universes, so they don’t have to kill one of them off to give live action. Miles Morales, his origin story. but but don’t these pictures of Andrew Garfield wearing sweatpants with his Spider-Man suit give you vibes of across the Spider-Verse and into the Spider-Verse? Like, oh my gosh, he could be the midlife crisis Spider-Man that gives the sage wisdom to the brand new Miles Morales.

Spider-Man Tobey Maguire would also work well for that, too. Like the older version of Spider-Man. But it still seems like everything at Sony is complete chaos outside of the Spider-Verse movies. Still expect beyond the Spider-Verse to be complete banger, but everything in there. Live action movies still seems like it’s completely all over the map.

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