Umbrella Academy Season 4 Trailer Netflix: Final Season Breakdown and Easter Eggs

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Welcome back everyone, It’s the final countdown Netflix just dropped The Umbrella Academy Season 4 trailer. It is the final season Thus the Final Countdown song from Europe also kind of seems like the end of the world, because it looks like Leila and five are in the future here in some sort of post-apocalyptic wasteland, get like the end of the world again, There’s a bunch of Easter eggs here. Another a bunch of questions. After the end of season three, the showrunner has been talking a little bit about that too.

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1. The New timeline

First they start episode one already inside the new timeline, the rebooted universe. That’s why you see them walking through the professor’s mansion, but it looks all run down like no one’s lived here for years. The idea at the end of season three is the professor sought to reboot the universe, essentially creating a new timeline where his wife was still alive. Because even though he’s an alien, he has vastly advanced technology.

He didn’t have the ability to actually bring her back to life. the only way to do that based on the logic of time travel, the way the multiverse works inside the Umbrella Academy story universe is to literally reboot the universe. which essentially amounts to creating a new timeline. that’s why later in the trailer, it says the final timeline. Like, because it’s the final season, but also they don’t want to change the timeline anymore than they already have the past couple of seasons, because they kind of do that every single season. They revealed that the professor learned about the Hotel Oblivion.

This alternate dimension, a little pocket dimension. So after his wife died, he sought to enter it and use the machine to reboot the universe and bring her back to life. In the comics, Hotel Oblivion was a completely different place on the show. It’s a pocket dimension that just has technology that they didn’t get too deep into. Like, who created this? Where did it come from? It was not created by the professor. He just learned about it. And they learned the professor needed to use the children to power the device.

sounds kind of like the matrix using people to power up your machine He killed Luther and stranded Klaus to die in the old universe while he was attempting to reboot the new universe. But Allison was able to stab him in the head before he could finish making all the changes, killing him. But before everyone could stop her. Allison, who would now become obsessed with getting her daughter back, who she’d lost when they entered the Sparrow Academy timeline the previous season.

In that timeline, her grandmother died before Allison could be born. So thus her daughter was never ultimately born in this universe. she formed a bargain with the professor secretly to bring her daughter back so that was one of the changes the professor made. She wanted her daughter back so badly, she went ahead and pressed the reboot button. Anyway, rebooting the universe.

2. Episode 1

the showrunner talked about there being many different changes in this time. It sounds like they’ll spend a lot of episode one with all the different characters getting used to their lives in this new universe. Like, what are all the things that are different now? but in the new timeline, we know that Allison gets her daughter back. Hotel obsidian is just a memorial. Now. Luther is alive again. five and Diego get their missing limbs back, but Sloan is missing now, and nobody has their powers, at least at the beginning of this season. Because during the trailer, it looks like everybody eventually does get their powers back.

we also find the professor did get his wife back, with both of them living in a large tower looming over the city, seemingly taking a much more overt position of power in the world. definitely made him seem kind of sinister, like he might be one of the main villains of season four, but we’ll see because there will be other villains like you see Santa Claus. You’re running through the city street with a couple of automatic rifles. but one of the big things at the beginning of the season is everybody getting their powers back and finding Sloan, then confronting the professor about what’s just happened. but because Allison killed the professor.

That professor that you meet in this timeline is a completely new version. Who doesn’t know anything about what that previous version of himself did. Trying to reboot the universe. So somebody is gonna have to give him, like, a real big recap of season three. At the beginning of the trailer, there’s a montage of everyone just exploring the new rebooted world with their lives are like in this universe, but because they don’t have their powers. For instance, you have five having to take the subway the slow way because he can’t teleport.

we get a voiceover from the professor, which is a callback to his speech during season one when he created the Umbrella Academy in the first place. but because of the context of this season, it’s meant to be a sinister twist, like a darker parody of the original speech. like literally everything has just changed. We see Viktor at a random bar. Not clear what they’re doing there. Allison with her daughter again, we learned about that last season, so no big surprise there.

3. Diego’s Daughter

Ben, being released from prison for some reason, Diego at what looks like his daughter’s birthday party. This could have something to do with Lila’s pregnancy from before. Not really clear what they changed about his life and Lila’s life in the new rebooted timeline. I think part of his deal in this new version of the timeline is just learning whether or not he actually would be a good family man, because that was the big question last season.

Like if she was going to be pregnant and they were going to have a child together, would it actually be a successful family? would he be able to be a good father as opposed to his father? The professor? Maybe Allison did him a solid when she was working in changes with the professor. Luther putting his spacesuit back on for some reason, Klaus looking like he’s strung up from a ceiling and is just hanging there. this scene, seems like all the children, after they’ve found each other and finally met up like the band is back together again, finally. this might be at the end of episode two or early episode three. I don’t think they want to go too long into this season.

If there’s only going to be like 8 or 9 episodes before they all get back together and start facing the major problems of the season. but like I said, they probably want to give you at least one, maybe two episodes where everybody’s just kind of experiencing what their lives are like in this new, different universe.

4. Rescue Mission

They say their first mission back is a team is a rescue mission. Not clear who they’re trying to rescue. Maybe their mother, maybe someone else. You can let me know in the comments. Like, who are they trying to rescue? this really advanced ship seems like it would either belong to the professor because of the advanced technology, or it could belong to another villain group during the season. seems like the kids spend most of the season driving around in that rundown car. they use the subway map with five.

And Lila is a metaphor for all the different timeline changes and changes that have just happened. they also call this the final timeline in the trailer. Like I said, because it is the final season. this might be the professor’s house. Looks like he might have some henchmen here. Standing guard. we get some voiceover from the professor complaining about the children always fighting with each other, always arguing. And it looks like he’s talking to looks like they’re able to confront him on their own because it’s just the two of them in that scene.

5. RIP Future

Notice the wasteland here, though. Not sure where Five and Lila are. Maybe it’s an alternate distant future, because the symbols here at the exit look way more advanced than in present day. Looks like this fast food burger joint is a staging area for whatever group this is. This might be one of the other villain groups during the season that Santa Clause belongs to. Not exactly sure what’s going on here. The professor has been plugged into some kind of device.

This might have something to do with everybody trying to get their powers back, but he doesn’t seem like he’s torturing them. Like he doesn’t have an angry look on his face. Then we start to see all the different characters getting their powers back, like five teleporting. this might be Luther in the suit trying to save someone. It could be Viktor. Just because the firepower seemed like her firepower is that they’re using later in the trailer. we see Ben getting his powers back. Generally, everybody seems like they get their powers back, There are a couple brand new characters that they revealed a while ago.

Nick Offer man and Megan Mullally will play Midwestern community college professors. This is probably them in the trailer here. Doctor Jean and Jean Thibodeau. Not clear what they’re doing. They usually show up in series doing all kinds of random weird stuff in fun fact, they’re actually a married couple in real life. They just happened to appear in some shows together. David Cross is playing Sly Grossman, an upstanding but shy man desperate to reconnect with his estranged daughter. but I think the idea because this is the final season is they want to wrap things up with everybody trying to get what they think that they want without breaking the timeline again and taking things away from people who got what they want.

7. WTF Ending

Also without creating another coup gold blitz, like the whole idea is that each season somebody like one of the kids usually does something super WTF takes some radical left turn, or does something really unexpected, creating the problem that they have to solve in the next season? so I wouldn’t be surprised that they have some kind of twist they end on here where like everybody kind of gets what they want, but it also winds up doing something really, really terrible.

It would be very in the tone of Umbrella Academy to have an ending like that. but here’s the thing. If the professor winds up not being the actual main villain, who do you think the actual villain of the season winds up being? definitely seems like something is going on with this group wielding all these automatic weapons But if there’s any big Easter Eggs or references that you spotted in the trailer that I didn’t talk about in the article, write them below in the comments.

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