Venom The Last Dance Trailer Sony Spider-Man Retcon Error Breakdown

venom the last dance

Welcome back everyone It’s Charlie, Sony and Marvel just released the Venom The Last Dance Trailer And it raises more questions than it answers for a number of reasons. Probably the biggest being that Spider-Man No Way Home post-credits scene that looks like they just messed up in this Trailer. Everybody wondering if that’s going to be a retcon? Like, did they just retcon the events of Spider-Man four and the new Tom Holland Spider-Man trilogy? or is it more likely that Sony has no idea how the multiverse works?Because we’ve seen them make these kinds of mistakes before? Looking at you, Morbius, and Madame Web, let us pray that it is not full.

More bend time again with this movie Because it is full. It is full of Spider-Man Easter Eggs like we have Curt Connors here, played by Rhys I fans, who doesn’t look exactly like her cast like he has two hands. What’s going on here? Is there a young version of Spider-Man in this movie?

1. The Newest Symbiote

there’s a scene of CubaTell Asia for us, Orwell Taylor from the venom comics capturing a piece of the venom symbiote. It’s spawned in the same bar from Spider-Man No Way Home post-credits scene now. Yes, we do have to address the elephant in the room that does look a lot like Baron Mordo. Like what’s going on? Baron Mordo from the MCU. Inside the venom universe. You could think of him as a variant. Who? Just Orwell Taylor inside the venom universe. Really? What’s happened, though, is that Sony just wanted a big actor and utilize you for is like, sure, I’ll take your money, I’ll be in your movie. and that’s really all that’s going on here.

Like, he’s not meant to be a variant of Baron Mordo in a real sense. Orwell Taylor was a general connected to the Life Foundation, that organization from the first venom movie that captured the symbiotes when they first came to Earth. And he goes after venom in the comics, leading a team called the jury. That’s the team of military people you see him leading around after venom during the the comics, he goes after venom because his son is killed as a result of venom. But in the context of the movies, they’re saying that carnage killed his son during the events of the last movie, and that’s why he’s going on this mission to capture all the different symbiotes all over the planet.

2. Spider-Man No Way Home

Normally that would be pretty simple. But the problem here is that when he captures inside Venom’s bar here from the post-credits scene in Spider-Man No Way Home, but he’s inside the venom universe when he’s doing this, not inside the MCU, where venom actually spawned the piece of the symbiote. this is where we get to some of the Sony problems, like, what are you doing here? Sony you’re causing. So many issues. part of the idea during that Spider-Man No Way Home post-credits scene is that you’re meant to see venom inside this bar, chatting it up about the history of the MCU, learning about purple, the Infinity Stones, basically Thanos, Spider-Man, Iron Man, the Hulk, the Avengers.

He’s on his way to go meet Spider-Man when he’s transported back to the venom universe. But when that happens, the venom symbiote spawns again for the second time because it spawned carnage during the last movie, it spawns, leaves a piece of itself inside the MCU, then goes back to the venom universe version of this basically, Sony and Marvel were saying that at some point in the future of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man movies like Spider-Man four or 5 or 6, you know, whenever they want to do a Secret Wars, he would get a version of the symbiote.

They do Tom Holland’s symbiote saga, which would be just a different version of the comic book adaptation. So it wouldn’t be exactly like Tobey Maguire symbiote saga. they never gave an official timeline on that. Like, just like at some point we will follow up on this scene. We’ll see a Tom Holland’s symbiote.

3. Venom Multiverse Timeline

the early report on his Spider-Man four in the MCU is that they’ll follow up on that post-credits scene, but he won’t actually get the symbiote until something like Secret Wars just because they want to be more comic book accurate. their number of logical ways they can actually follow up on that before Tom Holland actually gets a symbiote like Matt Gargan can come back because the Scorpion. Scorpion did get the symbiote for a while in the comics, so there’s a way for them to explain how logically the symbiote can come back. But Tom Holland doesn’t get it initially. overall relatively simple setup, but then Sony releases this Venom Last Dance Trailer and suddenly this happens.

The bartender is played by the exact same person from that Spider-Man No Way Home post-credit scene. Most people remember him from Ted Lasso. Football is life. but notice this version has way longer hair, looks way more down on his look, like way more depressed. But he’s in the same bar, the same drink glasses are nearby, so it’s meant to be the exact same place just inside the venom universe, not inside the MCU. part of the idea during Venom Let There Be Carnage post-credits scene is that he’s inside this hotel in Mexico, chilling out watching TV when the venom symbiote starts talking about the way it’s got this hive mind that exists across the multiverse. the clincher race of symbiotes have a hive memory.

So that’s how it remembers Spider-Man after it was transported to the MCU version of his hotel. He sees them on TV. The symbiote is accessing the memories from the events of Tobey Maguire. Spider-Man three. That version of venom remembers that Peter Parker is Spider-Man.That’s why he got transported to the MCU in the first place. Because of the hive memories. there that funny moment where he sees the dude inside the MCU version of his hotel room and he just kind of stumbles to the bar research, talking to the bartender about the history of the MCU, Thanos, the Infinity Stones, the Avengers, Spider-Man before he’s transported back. but like I said, he spawns the piece of the symbiote. So why then inside the venom universe, are they capturing a piece of symbiote that looks the exact same? It can’t be the same symbiote.

4. They Have No Idea…

to answer the very obvious question to that. Yes. I don’t think Sony fully understands how the multiverse works themselves. And they’re doing this just to drive hype for the movie. Like, hey, remember this from Spider-Man No Way Home? another symbiote Spider-Man stuff going on here. please buy tickets to our movie. Please spend money on us. But I also think what’s happening is that all the symbiotes in the Trailer here, because there are a couple of different versions of the symbiote we see captured, also the toxin symbiote, which is currently inside detective Patrick Mulligan in a separate chamber here.

Most of these other symbiotes are spawned from the venom symbiote and potentially carnage. Because, remember, after the events of the first movie, all the other symbiotes that the live foundation captured were shown to have died So only venom survives that movie. It spawns carnage, then carnage spawns toxin as far as we know, and then venom we see starts spawning a bunch of different any of these other symbiotes we see them capture in the Trailer had to come from one of those three different symbiotes. Sony will probably do one of two things in the movie.

They’ll say the venom symbiote spawned again for a third time inside the venom universe version. This part before he stumbled out and tried to escape because notice he’s wearing the exact same clothes at the beginning of the Trailer. like he just stumbles out of the bar and then runs off in his version of Mexico, in his universe.

5. The Madame Web Option

Sony will pull a full on Madame Web Morbius where they just completely cut this scene out of the movie, and it doesn’t wind up in the actual theatrical cut. Either way, yes, Sony is messing with continuity. I don’t think they totally understand what’s going on or how the multiverse works. They don’t really have a grand plan here. They’re just using this particular scene in the Trailer for Pure Hype the same way they did during Morbius in Madame Web. Like, look at all this Spider-Man stuff.

Don’t you want to come see the movie now? it, after everything said and done with this movie. Either way, the symbiote piece will still be in the MCU. Tom Holland will eventually get it at some point. Marvel just didn’t want to officially commit to exactly when that was going to be. Like. At some point, we will give him the symbiote, but we’re not going to tell you exactly which movie that’s going to happen in. here’s the other thing.

6. Wait, What?

Like if you thought that was confusing, actually gets worse, you probably heard the rumors that this young boy in the Trailer might be the venom universe version of Peter Parker as a ten year old making this woman his mother, I suppose Mary Parker. He doesn’t have a sister in the comics. So if this is true, that would be another change. we also have Rhys Ifans in the Trailer, very prominent in pretty much everybody going to see this movie. Well know him mostly as Curt Connors, the lizard from Andrew Garfield’s Amazing Spider-Man universe, who we just saw in Spider-Man No Way Home.

Why would Sony go to such great lengths to cast him in this movie if they weren’t going to build on lizard hype? Like, why would you want him in the movie? If he’s not going to be a version of Curt Connors, why not just cast some other random person? Notice he also has two hands. Like, are they just going to say that this is Curt Connors before he became the lizard like earlier in his timeline? Because Peter, if he is Peter would only be ten years old at this point. are they trying to say this movie is a prequel to Andrew Garfield’s Amazing Spider-Man movies? Because the timeline on that also would not work out.

So here’s where we get to more Sony errors, like continuity issues, and then just not fully understanding how everything is supposed to work. venom The Last Dance, like this movie is meant to take place the same year. Spider-Man No Way Home is taking place Because literally it picks up right after he leaves the bar. After Doctor Strange, his spell takes him back to his universe. and during those events, Andrew Garfield Spider-Man is in his if in fact, this person is a young version of Spider-Manor he becomes Spider-Man at some point, he couldn’t be Andrew Garfield’s version. Like, it just wouldn’t work out.

7. Sony’s Spider-Man

Separately. There was also a recent interview where Tom Hardy revealed that Sony has their own version of Spider-Man in their universe, who is not Tom Holland, seemingly corroborating some of the rumors about the young Spider-Man. Plot. In the movie. that only makes things even more confusing. There are a lot of people that think that he was actually talking about other things when he was talking about this other version of Spider-Man and his universe, and the interviewer just mistook what he was talking about.

That’s always possible. but I think all this mishmash of Easter Eggs from different Spider-Man movies like Andrew Garfield, Spider-Man movies, Tom Holland, Spider-Man movies, Tobey Maguire, Spider-Man movies, the venom movies is just Sony not fully understanding things, throwing a bunch of Easter Eggs at the wall like they did with the Morbius movie Madame Web, and just hoping that something sticks.

And they might, in fact, pull another Morbius in Madame Web where they just delete a lot of these references to specific Spider-Man things, names, people, events and backstories so that when the actual movie comes out, it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of Spider-Man stuff a lot of us fans after the fact, we’ll just be talking about this in videos where we learn about the deleted scenes, like, did you hear about what they were trying to do in this?

8. Sony’s Graveyard of References

because there was this whole Tom Holland Terminator, Spider-Man subplot where they were going to work him into the events of that movie and turn the movie into a Tom Holland prequel movie. a there’s a lot of other stuff going on in the Trailer, too, like there’s all this stuff with Juno Temple’s Patricia Robertson that looks like she gets one of the symbiotes. Maybe she becomes the version of scream.

She is host to the evil venom symbiote in the comics. there’s all the Xeno phage. Now, after watching the Trailer a couple times, I do think these are the creatures. When venom says my home has found us, he’s actually talking about the Xeno phage, which are predators which did try to attack the Clint, our home planet. That might be what he’s talking about. a lot of people also wondering if they’re going to try and work no God of symbiotes into this movie. It’s always possible, but that seems like a real big jump.

9. Sony’s Former Crossover Plans

So if there is no stuff going on during this, it might just be light teasers, I did a video a while ago about how all these plans that Sony had just collapsed because of what happened with Morbius, Madame web bombing at the box office. There’s seeming live action movies that they were developing just completely collapsing in on themselves, Now it seems like what Sony is doing in the ashes is sort of redeveloping their plans, and what they’ll probably do is either build their own version of Spider-Man in their universe, or they’ll do that through the live action Miles Morales movies that they eventually start doing after the Spider-Verse movies are done.

I would love to see them bring Andrew Garfield back. Is like a mentor. Live action Spider-Man to his young Spider-Man. We’ll see how they handle all this. regardless of whether the movies wound up being good or bad, I think we can at least look forward to Spider-Man beyond the Spider-Verse is something that will be really, really solid.

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