What is Google Bard AI and How is it Different From ChatGPT?


What is Google Bard that everyone is talking about? Nowadays there is a lot of noise about Artificial Intelligence. Ever since ChatGPT service was invented, Google also does not want to lag behind in this race. Recently, Google has also unveiled its AI-powered Google Search feature “Bard”.

We already knew that Google Search has already been using AI to understand spoken language and for its powerful tools like Google Lens and Google Assistant. Now you might be wondering what is different about Google Bard.

Then let me tell you that its secret lies in Bard’s communicativeness and ability to answer questions. For this we have to understand Google Bard completely. Then without any delay, let us know what Google AI Bard is and how we can use it.

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What is Google Bard and ChatGPT?

Google Bard is an experimental chat service designed to work like OpenAI’s ChatGPT. It is based on Google’s own conversational AI ChatBot and LaMDA, a natural language processing tool. This service is designed to provide more accurate and personalized search results.

Google Bard is a new tool that helps you find information faster and easier. It’s like a ChatBot, but it’s for finding information on Google. Google hasn’t released many details about Bard yet, but it’s likely to be a useful tool for people who don’t have time to find information themselves, or for businesses that need people to help them. Cannot pay for.

To use Google Bard, you first need to open Google.com on a device like a mobile phone or computer. From here, you can search “Google Bard AI” by clicking on the search button. Once you find it, open the Google Bard AI page. After this, you have to login with your registered Google mail account.

Google Bard is an AI chat service designed to provide a more personalized search experience for users. It is based on the same conversational AI ChatBot that Google uses for its own search engine, and is seen as a response to the popularity of ChatGPT. While we don’t know everything about it yet, we think it would be really fun to use!

Program NameGoogle BardAI
Developed byGoogle and Alphabet
Working ModelLAMDA model
Google Bard AI Launch DateFebruary 2023
Login MethodUsing Gmail ID and Mobile Number
UseAI that prepares answers to all your questions
Article CategoryTechnology
Works onMobile/PC/Tablet

Definition of Google Bard AI

Google Bard AI is an Artificial Intelligence based online chatbot service, which is based on LaMDA technology. Google Bard AI is a conversational AI chatbot.

Through Google Bard AI, you can get instant answers to your asked questions. It is based on next generation language + conversation capabilities powered by the Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA). You can consider it as the main competitor of ChatGPT, from Google.

Bard uses Google’s own LaMDA language model as its knowledge base. Unlike other AI chatbots, it is directly connected to the internet so that it can always access fresh and up-to-date information from the web.

Now the question arises that what will this Bard do with so much knowledge?

Then the answer is that it will answer the questions and queries asked by the user and that too in a conversational manner. Instead of typing keywords into a search result, you can actually have a (real) conversation with the chatbot.

You can get a lot of detailed information with these questions as well. Instead of more basic questions, such as what year a celebrity was born, Bard might write essays or provide programming examples to name some of its capabilities. This means that you can ask questions to Google Bard as per your convenience, no matter how difficult the questions are.

Google Bard Features

Google Bard, which has been released recently a few days ago, also does the same work as Chat GPT. Like ChatGPT, it also works on GPT 3 only.

It usually generates text, translates text, answers queries and performs many other functions. Bard is generally used to provide answers to queries in a simplified manner rather than precise search engine results.

  • In Google’s chatbot Bard, users will get to see a combination of power, intelligence and creativity.
  • It collects user responses and information from the web.
  • Uses the Lite model version of LaMDA for initial testing purposes.
  • Collects feedback to improve the AI system in the future.

When will Google Bard launch?

Google Bard AI launch date will be in February 2023. Now that Google has already announced that it is working day and night on building a competitor to ChatGPT and will potentially create even better AI that will completely drive ChatGPT out of the market, we Still curious how this would be possible.

As much as we know ChatGPT can’t compete with Google when it comes to resources and features and most importantly minds!

Still, it took years to build this AI and now Google has invested $100 million in building Google Bard AI and now it is assuring users of an even better experience. While we can’t say, would it be any help because for all of you Google it has only been 3-4 months since they created this AI. Google Bard AI launch date will be in February 2023. So this could potentially happen any time now, and the beta version will be out for our review soon.

How to use Google Bard?

Here below, we are going to provide you information about all those steps so that you too will be able to use Google Bard properly very easily.

  1. Open the Google homepage or the Google app on your mobile device.
  2. Type your search query in the search bar.
  3. Look for the “Chat with Google Bard” option that appears on the search results page. This option will appear as a small chat icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  4. Click on the chat icon to open the Bard chat window.
  5. Type your question in the chat window.
  6. Wait for Bard to process your query and provide you with a response. Responses will be in the form of text-based conversations.

Please note that Google Bard is still in testing and is currently only available to a select group of developers. Google has not yet rolled out Bard, but it is expected to be available in the next month. Additionally, Google plans to expand Bard’s capabilities by incorporating more advanced AI technology in the future.

Google Bard AI Login

If you want to use Google Bard AI Login then please use email id and password on Google search engine and then get a chance to use the features.

Now to login, you have to enter the mobile number or other related information asked in the website. Once you create your profile in Bard AI, you can easily raise questions and then get accurate answers to your queries.

Make sure you remember the password and email ID that you used to create the profile and then you can access the portal with the help of these credentials. AI will remind the question you raised in the portal and show related answers in future.

Who can currently access Google Bard?

Google Bard has yet to be released to the public. Google is currently testing Bard with a small group of “trusted testers,” according to the CEO. Both internal and external testing feedback will be taken into account to ensure the service is ready for release to the general public and adheres to Google’s AI responsibility standards.

Google said Bard will be available to everyone in the weeks following the February 6 announcement.

Since the tool is in the early testing phase, Google is not rolling out the tool for public use yet and only a select few users will have access to Bard. This means that the general public (normal users) cannot access Google Bard right now.

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