How to Earn Money From Mobile With App 2024?

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Do you know which is the best app to earn money from mobile? People don’t know from which app to earn money. Nowadays everyone uses a smartphone, and in this digital age, we all want to have a money earning app that gives us the opportunity to earn money from mobile sitting at home.

This is probably because money is most needed to live a good life. Even if you are earning that money from any money earning app.

Some of such apps are providing Paytm cash, some are earning money from games, and some are earning money by referral. In this article, we will tell you about the top 10 money earning apps, from which some earn more money, some earn money from cricket, some from Navi App and some earn money from Ludo game.

Top 10 Money Making Apps 2024

You might be wondering whether there are really real money earning apps. If that were the case then wouldn’t everyone be making money from them?

The answer is yes, the biggest problem in this is that people are not aware about them. That’s why they don’t know that they too can easily earn money sitting at home just by using their Smartphone and internet. If you want, you can know about Earning Game from here.

Real Money Earning AppHow Much Can You Earn (Monthly)
Google Opinion Rewards Rs 5000 To Rs 8,000
MeeshoRs 20000 To Rs 40,000
SwagbucksRs 5000 To Rs 8,000
PhonePeRs 5000 To Rs 10,000
Roz DhanRs 2000 To Rs 30,000
LocoRs 7000 To Rs 10,000
Dream11Rs 10,000 To Rs 50,000
mCent BrowserRs 2000 To Rs 5,000
CashKaroRs 3000 To Rs 40,000
Paytm First GamesRs 1000 To Rs 10,000

Let us know about some such mobile apps from where you can easily earn money from mobile.

1. Google Opinion Rewards (Earing App Download)

Google Opinion Rewards is a very popular and easy way to earn money sitting at home. After downloading this money earning app, you are going to complete the surveys given by Google. In return for completing surveys, you get Google Play credits. You can use these credits to buy apps, games, or movies on Google Play Store.

The specialty of Google Opinion Rewards App is that the surveys given in it are very short and easy. It will only take you a few minutes to complete the survey. And upon completing the survey, you will get instant Google Play credits.

Then what are you waiting for? Download Google Opinion Rewards App today and get a chance to earn money from your smartphone while sitting at home. This app is available on both Android and iOS platforms, and gives you the opportunity to earn money absolutely free.


2. Meesho (App to earn money by referring)

Meesho is a reselling app, using which you can sell products on your social media networks. This is an app to earn money by referring, Jasmine you can earn commission by inviting your friends. In this app you will find different products like clothes, footwear, accesories, and home appliances. You can earn commission by selling these products to your friends, relatives, or followers.

Meesho is very easy to use. All you have to do is download the app, create your account, and then share the products. When your friend or relative buys a product on Meesho from your referral link, you get commission on it.

The biggest feature of Meesho app is that it does not require any investment. You can earn money sitting at home from your smartphone without any hassle. So download Meesho App today and start earning money from mobile.


3. Swagbucks (Paytm Earing App)

Swagbucks is a popular and versatile app with which you can earn money by doing different online activities. This is a money earning app in Paytm, where you can earn Swagbucks Points (SBs) in exchange for completing surveys, watching videos, and doing online shopping.

You can redeem these points in PayPal cash or gift cards, and then transfer to Paytm wallet.

On Swagbucks App you will get daily tasks and challenges, by completing which you can earn even more points. What is special about the app is that you can use it even in your free time and earn money sitting at home. So download Swagbucks app today and increase your income by earning money from mobile.


4. PhonePe (Real Money Earning App)

PhonePe is a digital wallet and UPI based payment app through which you can do mobile recharge, bill payments and shopping. Apart from this, PhonePe also gives you cashback and rewards, which are deposited directly into your account. This is a money earning app Paytm Cash, from where you can transfer cash to Paytm wallet.

The biggest feature of PhonePe App is that with it you can do digital transactions safely and quickly. You can do UPI transactions directly from your bank account, and avail cashback. Therefore you can consider PhonePe as a real money earning app.


5. Roz Dhan (App to earn money from games)

Roz Dhan is an Indian money earning app, where you can earn money by reading articles, watching videos, and playing games. This is an app to earn money from a game, in which you have to complete daily tasks and challenges. By completing these tasks and challenges, you can earn Dhan coins daily, which will be deposited in your wallet.

You also get referral bonus in Roz Dhan App when you invite your friends. You can invite your friends to download Roz Dhan app, and their sign up will earn you bonus coins.


6. Loco (Money Making App Game)

Loco is a live trivia game show app where you can make money by answering questions in real time. This is a money earning app game, as there are live games every day at different times. In which you have to answer multiple choice questions. You get points for every correct answer.

If you survive till the end of the game and answer all the questions correctly, you get a cash prize. This cash prize is deposited in your Loco wallet, which you can transfer to Paytm or bank account.

So download Loco App today and earn money from mobile while testing your general knowledge.


7. Dream11 (App to earn money from cricket)

Dream11 is a popular fantasy sports platform where you can participate in cricket, football, basketball, and hockey matches by creating your own virtual teams.

This is an app to earn money from cricket, in which you will get points based on the performance of your team. If you are in the top position on the leaderboard, you can win cash prizes.

Dream11 App lets you create your fantasy teams by choosing real-life players, and then earn points based on the performance of those teams. You can win even more money by participating in various competitions.

So download Dream11 App today and use your cricket knowledge and skills to earn money from your phone.


8. mCent Browser (Mobile Earining App)

mCent Browser is a mobile browser, using which you get points. This is a mobile money earning app, in which you can earn points by reading news articles, watching videos, and browsing on social media sites.

This app tracks your daily internet usage, and gives you points or mCent Browser currency based on your browsing habits. You will get points for every activity. You can redeem these points for mobile recharge, data packs, and gift cards.

So download mCent Browser App today and enjoy earning money from your smartphone.


9. CashKaro (App to earn more money)

CashKaro is a cashback and coupon website, using whose app you can do online shopping. This is a high money earning app, where if you shop at any online store through CashKaro, you get cashback.

All you have to do is download the CashKaro app, go to your favorite online store and shop from there. You will get cashback at the rate of one percent on every shopping transaction.

This cashback will be credited to your CashKaro account, and when your cashback reaches a minimum limit, you can transfer it to your bank account or Paytm wallet.

So download CashKaro App today and make your online shopping even more rewarding.


10. Paytm First Games (IPL Earning App)

Paytm First Games is a popular gaming platform where you can earn money by playing different games and participating in fantasy leagues. In the IPL season, this app gives you a chance to participate in fantasy leagues and competitions related to cricket, through which you can earn money.

On Paytm First Games, an IPL money making app, you can create your own fantasy cricket teams and earn points based on real life matches.

You will get points according to the performance of your team’s players. If you are in the top position on the leaderboard, you can win cash prizes.

So download Paytm First Games App today and get a chance to earn money in IPL season by using your cricket knowledge and skills.


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