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Welcome back everyone, it’s Charlie Robert Downey Jr was just talking about returning as Iron Man in the Marvel movies. And it’s no coincidence this is happening right now after he spent all of the last couple of years saying he did not want to come back. He didn’t care. He wanted to do other types of non Marvel movies, movies that were not based on traditional comic books. So what changed his mind so suddenly?Why is he talking about coming back now of all times? Well, there’s a couple important reasons.

in most of you have probably figured this out. because it’s not too dissimilar with what happened with Hugh Jackman saying that he had been retired as Wolverine after the Logan movie, but then turning right around and coming back for Deadpool and Wolverine.

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1. Avengers Endgame Alternate Plans

but rewind to Avengers Endgame several years ago. That’s how long it’s been. It’s been several years just this past year, new information was revealed about what was actually going down behind the scenes at Marvel when they were making endgame. apparently Robert Downey Jr went into that movie not wanting Marvel to kill off his character. Originally, one of their first ideas was to have Captain America be the one to snap the infinity gantlet and sacrifice himself.

according to the Russos and the writers and Kevin Feige, their reasoning for changing it to Iron Man, according to their own statement, is that they thought the twist for Captain America was too obvious, too easy, because he was always the character that was ready to throw himself on the bomb to protect everyone else, Too many people would go into the movie expecting him to do this. it’d be a bigger twist in the theater, like a bigger surprise. Oh, crap. Moment to see Iron Man. Most selfish person on The Avengers be the one to throw himself on that bomb and snap his nano infinity Gantlet. Eventually, the Russos and Kevin Feige talked Robert Downey Junior into the idea.

so originally, you had to imagine that Iron Man was going to survive endgame, and they would have just gone on and made Iron Man four with him like they would any other sequel. Like they made Thor for Love and Thunder because Thor survived. They would’ve done the same thing for Iron Man. but eventually, the Russos and Kevin Feige, he talked Robert Downey Junior into the idea of being the one to snap the infinity Gantlet they kill him, and after the movie came out, he casually started talking about the end of his run at Marvel, the fact that the checks eventually stopped coming in like, well, the checks are done. Like, I guess because I’m done to. he made a reported $75 million for Infinity War and another $75 million for endgame his famous back end deal entitled him to a significant portion of the profits to any of the movies that they put him in. In both movies together.

Just those two movies earned many billions of it is totally normal to hear any actor of any kind be reluctant to give up that kind of status he had inside Marvel, because they treated him like a king, like it wasn’t just about the money. He was treated like a king on sets. credit to Kevin Feige, he was always relatively happy with their financial arrangement. Like, he didn’t have any problem signing those checks for Robert Downey Jr. He loves him in real life, too. Like they’re actually good friends.

2. Beacuse, Disney

but here’s the thing. Heading into Marvel phase three. Like go back to the events of Captain America Civil War, the Disney executives responsible for actually signing all those checks, like clearing all this, did not love Robert Downey Jr earning super high after Avengers Age of Ultron, it became harder and harder for Kevin Feige to convince Disney to sign off on him using iron Man in bigger movies. Like, it was actually relatively hard for him to convince Disney to let him use Iron Man in Captain America Civil War. But eventually they still let him do it.

That is, until we get to Infinity War in endgame. So, Kevin Feige and Disney in reality, were going to use those movies as a bookend for the original six Avengers. They’ve been very public about this, like it was meant to be an ending of sorts for that original team of Avengers. That’s why they had that ending of the movie with a particular post-credits scene. they were also planning to use the movie to transition to a new team of Avengers with newer characters, and also characters that they had to pay less money to because each of those other original Avengers earned at least $20 million per movie. Infinity War in Endgame, Robert Downey Jr was a special case. That’s why here, in so much more money than all the rest of them.

if you don’t remember one of the original ideas that they had, Kevin Feige and the Russos for endgame was to kill off all of the original six Avengers. you can kind of see the wheels turning in their heads behind the scenes, like, you know what? We’re paying them too much. Let’s bring in some fresh blood. Because if everybody had survived those original Avengers and they did Avengers five, a few years later, they all came back and did it just like another Avengers movie. Their salaries all would have gone way up. So at a certain point, like the longer you keep them around, the higher their salaries get, the more unprofitable the Avengers movies. Just the Marvel movies in general wind up being so Disney really, really wants to find a way to stop using them in movies.

3. The Tobey Maguire Example

all movie studios do this all the time. Best example also is Sony’s excuse for getting rid of Tobey Maguire and recasting rebooting with Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man At the time, they blamed Spider-Man three underperforming because movie cost so much to make. His salary was getting so high by the time they would. It made Spider-Man four, so they just rebooted with a cheaper actor and just completely started fresh.

in after Avengers Endgame, Robert Downey Jr’s first big movie, and this is largely his own creative endeavor was do little. It was a huge flop like first big non marvel Iron Man movie. Time to show everybody that he can do movies that are successful, that are not Marvel movies. And it winds up flopping big time. even though Robert Downey Jr is amazing, that movie is terrible.

4. Search For Critical Validation

he said at the time he felt really down on himself. Just felt like he’d forgotten how to this is around 2020.He says he wants to challenge himself. The pandemic happens. The Marvel phase four hits Marvel Phase five. they start to have a lot of their critical failures, cracks beginning to show at the seams. A lot of the stuff they were trying out, the new, weirder, different things were just not working out. Especially their strategy for Disney Plus. there’s a whole video we could get into about the problems they had with the Disney management and their man date to shovel out a stream of TV shows and movies, so much so that they had problems managing quality control.

So you wind up with stuff like Secret Invasion. That almost makes no sense at all. And critically, is probably the worst reviewed thing that they’ve released since Avengers End Game has come out. So behind the scenes, Marvel pushes the emergency stop button and everyone starts talking about them, bringing back the OG Avengers for Avengers five or Secret Wars just to sort of freshen things up, get people to come back, turn around on Marvel movies.

5. Everyone Back on The Bus

you wind up hearing about Deadpool three and then pouring all their energy into it because it seems like it’s going to be such a banger, like, okay, we’re just going to rely on the biggest possible hits that we can right now to turn people around. suddenly that Joe Rogan prediction to Robert Downey Jr right after endgame turns out to be kind of prophetic. Now, Marvel isn’t going to bring Robert Downey Jr back the way Joe Rogan thought that they would like.

It’s not going to be some time travel excuse for bringing back the original Tony Stark, who died during Avengers Endgame. He’ll come back a completely different way as a different version of the character, but he’s not too far off the mark here. baba. While Marvel is having all their problems around 2022, 2023, Robert Downey Jr publicly disses them by saying that he doesn’t care about going back to Marvel movies. He’s fine doing regular movies, remembering how to be a real actor.

6. Barbenheimer

then the Oppenheimer movie comes out. We have our whole Barb and hammer event. He winds up winning all the major awards for his performance. The movie itself is amazing because it is Christopher Nolan. Of course, it’s amazing. and he’s getting all this positive attention and recognition, respect, more importantly from Hollywood again and all of his really, it’s after that moment that he decides he’d like to return to Marvel for more movies eventually, like he’s totally fine coming back because he got the thing he thought that he lost respect as an actor.

Like he actually reminded himself, oh, I do know how to do this. I’m an actual good actor. I can do whatever I want to in this clip I put at the beginning of this when he said he’s cool to come back. What’s really going on here is essentially he’s telling Kevin Feige, the Disney people who had to sign those checks to get him to come back, that he’s ready to talk. He can actually make a deal with them now, Kevin Feige can start planning his role and how his return will go down.

7. Marvel Prepping For Avengers 5 and 6

And the other important part here, no coincidence that he’s saying this right now, particularly like this date, because a while ago, Marvel started to tell all the major actors and their agents to clear their schedules for the filming of Avengers five. Now, here’s the thing. Robert Downey Jr is not going to be in Avengers five. I just did a whole separate video about how Marvel changed the plot of that movie the past year. It’s going to be a more grounded movie set in the main MCU, mostly. Mostly there’ll be some Kang related multiverse stuff. They have to tie up that storyline. but their original plans for how Avengers five was going to be Qing dynasty.

All that stuff changed behind the scenes. What they bring Robert Downey Jr back for is Avengers secret Wars is another version of Tony Stark from a different universe, because Secret Wars is their last big, real ending multiverse movie. I like their ending. The Multiverse Saga so just in general. That movie is going to be bringing back a bunch of different classic X-Men, Fox, Marvel actors, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine coming back for that, it’ll be a version of Tony Stark from another universe, probably with a wildly different backstory, giving him a reason to come back like a fresh take on the Tony Stark character, not just rehashing the old version that he used to play.

this also gets back to the same reason why Hugh Jackman came back as Wolverine. He didn’t come back as the version that died during Logan. Like he didn’t want to trample on the ending of that movie. His version is a completely different version from another universe.

8. But Which, Tony Stark

Now the big question is which version of Tony Stark comes back in Secret Wars? Is he a version that’s not Iron Man, that’s some other kind of hero? Is he an evil version of Tony Stark? My guess is probably not. It’d be a cool twist to see him as a version of Superior Iron Man. But I think if they did Superior Iron Man, it’d be like a completely different actor. there was that deleted scene during Avengers Infinity War. They filmed a scene where essentially he took the cloak of Levitation It was meant to bean Easter egg for Sorcerer Supreme, Tony Stark from the while that was happening, he gave all of his Iron Man nanites to Doctor Strange. In they called him the Iron Mage.

That’s why you saw those behind the scenes images of Benedict Cumberbatch walking around on set on the ship with the Iron Man rig. They usually used to film all the Iron Man scenes everybody, let me know in the comments. He comes back. Which version of Tony Stark do you want him to be when he comes back? right now. Avengers five is still scheduled to come out in 2026.We’ll see if that date winds up holding Secret Wars would be a year or two after that.

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