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House of the Dragon

Welcome back everyone, It’s Charlie I had a chance to see the first episode of House of the Dragon Season 2. This will be my Non-Spoiler review. I’ll be doing regular articles for all the episodes this Season, just like I did during Season one for the original show.

Thankfully, you do not have to wait that much longer. it’ll probably wind up being one of my biggest criticisms of the show. If it is a big criticism, the fact that it took so long to get Season 2 out, but it was great to finally go back to Westeros after that long break.

1. Season 1

And even though they made some creative changes to the show, in the pacing and in some of the design, I’ll talk about that in a second. Without getting into spoilers. some of those will become immediately obvious the minute you click to watch episode one. They have not lost a step. Season 2 starts out with an absolute banger of the most WTF material you have seen since the Red wedding during the classic Game of Thrones show. In a series that’s known for its epic, over-the-top violence gratuity, you’d think at some point they’d have a problem topping themselves .But nope. Definitely not. probably one of the other biggest criticisms from Season one that they address in Season2 is the pacing in the time jumps.

The Pacing

I didn’t have as big of a problem with the time jumps, and a lot of people had the changing actors mid-Season. My biggest problem with Season one was it how quickly they blew through, what felt like important plot, like, why are you skipping all this big stuff?

2. House Stark

For example, really Big Things Season 2 introduces or reintroduces House stark into the story in a much bigger way, like their actual part of the story. Instead of just being an Easter Egg in the background like they were during Season one, one of the most important houses in the original series? Most fans coming into House of the Dragon, even if you’re not a hardcore book fan, have been wondering when we see more from House Stark like, what are they doing right now there was a lot, a lot of major stuff that happened to House stark during the events of Season one. And it all happens largely during the time jump. The show totally skips of my biggest practical complaints. It isn’t so much a complaint, but the show would have had no trouble going for like seven Seasons if they didn’t totally skip out on all these major events that they sort of plotted out during Season one, but then kind of yada yada yada skipped over. Like why take the trouble to do all this backstory, then skip over all the really good stuff? I think the answer to that is that the show just really wanted to make a beeline for the red hot dragon on dragon action that we’ll see during Season 2 there were a lot more dragons during Season one, but Season 2 takes that way, way beyond what you saw in Season one.

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3. Major Change

But one of the other biggest creative changes that I mentioned earlier, the biggest design changes, is they brought a brand new intro to the series, which is very different because during the original Game of Thrones series, even though they made slight changes with the intro Season to Season, just to show you different areas of Westeros or different things that were happening in the changes they made to the map that they would pan was largely the same intro through all eight Seasons. House of the Dragon Season one. Use. The ancient Valyrian freehold is sort of like a map of the family tree, with the blood flowing down, like the blood of ancient Valyria, flowing down from Aegon the Conqueror, to all the new members that were born into the was a really cool visualization. But what they did for Season 2 They turned the intro into something that looks more like an actual tapestry hanging on a wall depicting the family tree. because they said largely all the people that were born during this period have already been born since Season one. The showrunner, Ryan Condal, specifically said they changed it because he didn’t really know where to evolve the title sequence from. After the final children that were born during this period were born. Like, you couldn’t add more people, more lines of blood because you weren’t seeing new people being born. So we said the reason for returning the title sequence in Season 2 into more of a tapestry was a way to continue to evolve the family tree, to show it in a more dynamic way, changing through episode to episode. We will see if this holds during Season three. Like, it would be weird if they did a completely different title sequence during Season three and Season four.

4. The Music

But even though it is weird that they changed it like you would expect from something on the level of the original Game of Thrones series or House the Dragon Season one, the production level is off the charts like everybody is working at their highest level in every single department, and. cannot say enough about Ramin Djawadi. His music is amazing. Like it’s still iconic from the original Game of Thrones series has not lost a step since House of the Dragon Season one, but largely a lot of that music is carried over from Season one. It’s the same basic way they treated music during the original Game of Thrones series. Like you have your basic core themes, but every new Season they introduce a couple new theme songs based on what’s going on in the new characters.

Episode 1

Season 2, episode one picks up about ten days after the end of Season one, episode ten. Rhaenyra has not slept, driving herself mad with grief looking for Lucerys body. RIP the rest of the blacks on Dragonstone, still reeling from the many different important deaths. Because you also have to remember, Viserys just died in the past 2 weeks as well. He dies at the end of episode eight. The next day, the Greens crown Aegon the Second to the Iron Throne. Then immediately after that, Lucerys is killed by Aemond and they are then ten days go by and we have episode one, so. It hasn’t even been 2 weeks since the series died. So you have a lot of people grieving for him specifically, then people learning about Lucerys, grieving for him, and everybody worried about this pending war because it hasn’t actually started yet. Like we’re still in the moments right before the actual dance of the Dragons begins. But you can feel when things pick up, everybody is just waiting with their breath held about what’s going to happen next.


And then the escalation from there, like how people react on both sides. but the story generally carries forward logically from the last moment that you saw these characters, especially the ones on dragons, like on Rhaenyra’s side. How are they going to retaliate knowing what happened to Lucerys? And that’s largely what sets off the events in episode one.

5. MVPs

probably one of the MVP’s of the episode is going to be Emma D’Arcy as Rhaenyra. Like the way she portrays the character, the way she handles everything is amazing. Matt Smith also going to be one of the MVP’s of the Season. on the other side of things, though, at least during episode one, Alicent Rhaenyrano longer feeling the same warmth towards each other, but within the Greens, Allison is at least one of the few trying to avoid war as much as possible. But you have to remember this is just episode one. There are a lot of people on the Green Council that just want to secure Aegon’s rule over Westeros, and everybody’s worried about what Rhaenyra is going to do once they learn what Aemond and Veigar have done. even though Otto Hightower, her father, seems like he’s the person that orchestrated everything that’s happened to now, like he’s the person that had this whole plan to put Aegon on the throne, usurping Rhaenyra. he seems like he’s still relatively cautious, but is trying to prepare Allison that there might actually be a war. where as it feels like a lot of the other members of the Green Council are all over the map and just not really taking things that seriously at all, especially Aegon himself, working hard, or hardly working.

6. The New Joffrey

There’ll be a lot of comparisons to Joffrey with Aegon’s character this Season. The actor is amazing, but I wouldn’t say he’s nearly as sadistic or psychotic. Is Joffrey was give it enough time. He could turn into that same kind of monster and he does turn into kind of a monster, just not quite as extreme as Joffrey was during the original series.

Aemond and Daemon

Aemond goes full Aemond. He’s one of those characters, like daemon, that you either love or you hate or you love to hate. they’ll be a lot of talk about the 2 of them, Aemond and Daemon, this Season being 2 sides of the same coin. And if you didn’t realize I talked about this a little bit during Season one, but Aemond is an anagram of daemon. and you can feel the obsession that Aemond has with daemon during episode. Like, it only gets worse from there. Even though I haven’t seen beyond episode one. generally just looking at the trailer footage, you can see the way things progressed. Ehm. It is a really interesting character in Season 2, mostly in the way he leans into this whole person a that he’s trying to create for himself is the most hated man in Westeros. Like he craves that kind of negative attention from everyone. he loves to be feared. And he craves war in this obsessive kind of way. where as all the children like the younger generation on the show right now, none of them have fought in any actual wars. They just grew up hearing of wars. a really good comparison to the original show, like all the younger generation on the original show would be the fact that they’re all summer children. Sweet summer child. You know nothing of winter because they were all born during the long summer. same thing with the younger generation here. If you remember, during Season one, Rhaenys actually joked about it too. Like these, younger people have no idea what actual war is. they will find out soon enough.

7. Cregan Stark

of all the new characters that we’re going to see during Season 2,Cregan Stark, probably the one I’m most excited about. based on the stuff they’re adapting from the books for Season 2.He’s not going to be quite as big in Season 2 as he will be in future Seasons, like house stark is very active in the actual dance of the Dragons, but mostly during the later part of the conflict. if you’re a big fan of Jacaerys during Season one, he didn’t get that much story just because all the different time jumps, he becomes a much bigger part of the story. During Season 2. just in general. Ryan Condal also said the show itself sort of shifts its focus to the younger generation of probably one of the biggest differences between this in the original show is that you really just have a bunch of people doing terrible things to each other. There are no clear heroes, no clear villains. Everybody is a terrible person doing terrible things.

8. Book Changes

there are a couple big changes they make from the books, though, particularly in what some of the characters do. Like they move some characters around and give story to some of the characters that didn’t have it in the original book. best example of that is probably Rhaenyra. In the books, Rhaenyra is actually portrayed as not really doing much of anything, like she spends most of her time at Dragonstone healing from her miscarriage that we saw during the events of Season one. The show has changed that, though she’ll become much more active in the storys he might even eventually wind up fighting in some actual battles in later Seasons. we will see. They also gave a bunch of extra story this Season to be in the books, their characters aren’t nearly as active in the actual conflict itself.

9. Ser Trashbag

there’ll be a couple characters that people will love to hate. Like, if you absolutely hated Criston Cole during Season one, he is every bit the golden trash bag during Season 2.Like you will hate him even more. I say that in a good way, though, because you’re kind of supposed to hate his character. a lot of the really big stuff, like really WTF moments can’t really talk about until I do my full, spoilery article when the episode is actually released So a lot of that will just wait for that article generally just feels like Season 2 is going to be just as solid as Season 1 was. We will see how much they try to tie in to the largerlore of, like, the prophecy of A Song of Ice and Fire, Aegon the Conqueror’s prophecy. Now the White Walkers, the Night King. but in the way that Season 1 had a lot of Easter Eggs and references to moments, characters, things that happened during the original Game of Thrones series. Expect the same of Season 2.

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